Nemo Bar & Trellis by izzy+

Nemo Trellis

Encouraging collaboration and connection starts with creating a sense of place in an open space.

With its architectural presence, the Nemo Trellis offers a hint of enclosure without shutting anyone out. Nemo does not come with an agenda, just human-centered design that responds to the whims and needs of real people.


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Nemo Bar

We don’t work and learn like we used to. We collaborate and telecommute, always on the move with our technology and our ideas. Nemo Bar responds to the characteristics of our “most inspiring spaces” – encouraging and supporting connection, inspiration, and reflection.

As an iconic statement within a variety of different applications, the Nemo Bar by izzy offers a hub for reflection, connection and collaboration, along with options for power. Not to mention all of the izzy+ flavors materials to bring it all to life.



Modern design aesthetic with clean, simple geometric form.  Dimensions scaled for real people doing real work.  The fresh extensive izzy+ flavors palette offers designers a plethora of choices in materials and colors.

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Power options on table base sides, ends or both.  Integrated coat hooks makes a convenient holding area for your personal items.

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