ELEVEN Workspace by OFS

ELEVEN Workspace

Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb designed Eleven around a fundamental concept: “Furniture is Architecture on a Different Scale”. Informed by the international style and an architect’s attention to detail, Eleven presents an adaptable, sustainable aesthetic that scales from private to collaborative and open spaces.


Best of Neocon Gold Award

This year Eleven Workspace by OFS captured the Best of Neocon Gold Award in the benching furniture category.  With its seamless blend of furniture functionality, connectivity, storage and media integration that harmonizes with interior architecture, it’s no wonder it received the gold.


What does ELEVEN stand for?

The 1 and 1 in the number 11 stand for the aluminum leg and the aluminum rail. Those are the two parts that establish the frame.


Clean & contemporary design for today’s work environment

Eleven’s minimized design looks beautiful and offers sustainable benefits.  Its mass and material content is 100 percent recyclable at end-of-life, while VOC-free finishes and adhesives improve indoor air quality.


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