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SixInch North America

Recently expanding into North America with its fun and exciting line of foam furniture, SixInch was able to quickly make an impression by receiving the Best of Neocon 2013 – Editor’s Choice Award in June.  The company was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 2003 by Pieter Jamart and Michele Sels, who have been dedicated to providing unique foam coated furniture pieces for the A&D community for years.


Customization…the sky’s the limit!

SixInch prides itself on its offering of custom design and manufacturing services which allows designers the flexibility to create something original.  “We see our Product Collections as a jumping off point for a designer to unleash their creativity.  Whether it is a designer’s 3D CAD file, or just a sketch on the back of a napkin, our Design Team will work with A&D customers to bring their custom projects to life.  Coated foam allows a level of creativity and flexiblity, not to mention dramatic impact, that is rarely attainable with other furniture mediums,” said Chris Crowley, Associate Vice President, North American Sales.

Whether it be modifications to existing products or a signature piece designed specifically for a space or client, SixInch’s in-house design team understands the inherent flexibility of the foam and foam coating that allows for an endless creative palette.  With no molding costs nor set up costs, designing a unique piece truly makes the sky the limit.


Fabulous Foam

SixInch starts with a big block of foam which is CNC cut in any possible shape you desire.  Then they coat it in any possible color imaginable.  When the product is ready it is flexible, waterproof, seamless, and hygenic.  The detailing of the foam can become very intricate and replicate the detailing of classic designs, as seen on the Louis II Armchair below.


Applications in various environments

SixInch is a global leader in the design and manufacture of polyurethane-coated furniture, walls, dividers and other architectural solutions for various environments that include but are not limited to contract office, hospitality, restaurants and nightclubs, healthcare, university and secondary education, retail stores, theme parks, museums, residential and special events.

Waterproof in pool areas


Cleanable in restaurants


Durable for Special Events


Seamless in museums


Fun and practical in waiting areas


Collaborative accents in corporate settings


Perfect base or accent for residential use


Even fitting for your pet


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