Flashback Friday: The Employee Lounge – Ho Hum to Playful Fun


The idea is still the same, take a break from work, but the evolution of the employee lounge has changed drastically.  Whether you choose to socialize a bit and spend time playing something to take your mind off of work or isolate yourself in the corner for a mental break from everything and everyone, the modern day lounge has become everyone’s “happy place”.  The trend over recent years has been toward employers offering the relaxing oasis and office playgrounds as a perk to retain employees and keep them on property.  Anything goes from swings and slides that were previously exclusive to the outdoors to gaming & sporting equipment that rival something of an adult Disneyworld.


Image Source: workdesign.co


AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California
Image Source: Incomediary.com


YouTube – San Bruno, California
Image Source: incomediary.com

United Therapeutics

United Therapeutics Silver Spring, MD
Image Source: workdesign.co

For further inspiration on creating unique lounge areas, check out our boards on Office Playgrounds  Bringing Outdoors In and  Lounge Areas.

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