Gallery Night Recap

Corporate Design Interiors (CDI) participated in its second Gallery Night on Friday, October 17th at our downtown showroom located in the Historic Third Ward.  It’s estimated that over 125 guests showed up and toured the space during the four hour event.  Guests sipped on wine and nibbled on Gourmet meats, cheeses, and various accompaniments while viewing the artwork of local artist and Interior Designer, Matthew Kerr.  Bartending was provided by Swig of Milwaukee.  Kerr showcased a huge selection of oil portrait paintings, head drawings, and children’s book illustrations that he has been busy creating while not only pursuing his Masters in Fine Arts, but also working full-time at Zimmerman Architectural Studios.  Busy guy.  The majority of his artwork was showcased on easels while others were propped up and displayed on furniture throughout the space.


Not only did Kerr display finished pieces, he also displayed numerous pieces to highlight the entire drawing process and its progression up until the finished product. However, the highlight of the show were the four “Try It” stations that were set up so that guests could take a stab at being an artist.  Step by step instructions and the appropriate art supplies were set up on next to a drawing that had already been started for you.  Kerr really wanted people to get over their fears and that in actuality, anyone could be an artist if you were properly trained on techniques.  By the end of the night, Kerr was able to take home an original piece, not one he created, but a self portrait oil painting that countless people had worked on at one of his “Try It” stations.  Mission accomplished.

Our featured artist, Matthew Kerr, speaking to guests and our Kimball rep, Janice Schroedel, about his artwork.