All I Want For Christmas Series – Part 1 of 3

With Christmas a mere two weeks away and I STILL haven’t purchased a single present, it has me thinking….if I could have or give anything for Christmas, what would it be?  Many of you would say you want a trip to Europe, a spa package, or even that diamond ring you have been waiting for from that special someone.  Not me.  This year I have put together a wish list centered around furniture I could use at the office.  So many of us spend the majority of our time at work each week that why on earth wouldn’t you ask for something that would make work time more enjoyable?! In the next two weeks leading up to Christmas, I will share my Christmas wish list and unveil a new piece of furniture (or two) each week.

CDI---All-I-Want-for-Christmas (2)

First up on my Christmas wish list is the Mio Collaborative table from National Office Furniture.


National launched the Mio Collaborative table in Fall 2014 in order to meet the demand for collaborative spaces in the workplace.  The table is so versatile that it can be single-sided, doubled-sided, or have an Epicenter attached on the back side to accommodate benching workstations.  The table can also be installed at standing height or desktop height, whereas some manufacturers offering similar products only offer one height.  In the above image, the need for a back to back conferencing solution is seen.

mio 2

mio epicenter

The Mio can accommodate the need for a lounge area or workstations on one side and a conferencing area on the other side.  Check out this video from National to see all it’s possible configurations.