All I Want for Christmas Series – Part 2 of 3

With Christmas Eve exactly one week away, my countdown to Christmas has officially begun!  It’s just too bad there isn’t any snow outside to make it feel like Christmas.  Oh well.  Last week I shared the first item on my wish list, a Mio collaborative table from National Office Furniture.  Next up on my list is a new task chair and a sit to stand desk.  Technically, that is two items on my wish list, but a girl can dream, right?!

CDI---All-I-Want-for-Christmas (2)

How many hours a day do you sit at your desk on an average work week?  The average person sits at their desk the majority of the day.  At eight hours a day, fifty two weeks a year, that’s over two thousand hours spent sitting at a desk each year.  That is a TON of time!  It only seems appropriate to ask for a new task chair and a sit to stand desk for Christmas.  Humanscale, an ergonomics company based out of New York, offers numerous options.

diff smart

The Diffrient Smart chair is both sophisticated and trendy.  The chair’s functions are simple, but in no way are they lacking technology.  In fact, one of my favorite things about the Diffrient Smart chair is that the only controls you have to manually adjust are the armrests and the seat height.  The rest of the features self-adjust with each user.

humanscale float

The Float table is Humanscale‘s answer to today’s ever-growing trend of height adjustable workstations.  The table features a unique counterbalance mechanism that allows for one-hand height adjustment.  Instead of having a crank that you have to manually turn or even an electric base that you have to plug in, the Float table adjusts quickly and easily.