All I Want For Christmas Series – Part 3 of 3

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and you can actually feel the holiday spirit in the air.  People seem to be either rushing around frantically to make holiday arrangements or they are in complete vacation mode.  Come tomorrow, I will officially be in vacation mode and enjoying much needed time with family and friends.  However, there is still one more day before Christmas and my holiday wish list wouldn’t be complete without revealing the final item on my All I Want For Christmas Series!

CDI---All-I-Want-for-Christmas (2)

With so many new trends in the workplace today, it’s hard not to notice the abundance of architectural elements that have arose.  Room dividers and wall partitions have become extremely popular in recent years because not only do they add architectural interest and allow natural light to pass through, but they can be moved, allowing for a workspace to be easily reconfigured. LOFTwall, a commercial and residential manufacturer, recently expanded their line of wall partitions and unveiled the WEBwall.


WEBwall‘s unique appearance consists of overlapping and interlocking elements and is made up entirely of aluminum .  It comes in two heights: 53″ and 78″.  A single unit is 52″ wide, but can be easily extended when selecting add-on sections. The color choices include silver, white, black, or you can choose a custom color.


Take a peak at the WEBwall in action!