Giving Employees Healthier Options with Xsede Height Adjust

Kimball Office | Xsede Height Adjust.

Giving employees a healthier option for their workspace.
Today’s employers are doing more to support employee wellbeing.  Architects and designers are designing for workplace wellbeing. And now with Kimball Office’s new Xsede height adjust desks; an employee’s work surface can support it as well.
With the touch of a button, Xsede height-adjustable benches and tables allow employees to seamlessly shift between sitting and standing. Freeing them from the negative health effects of staying in the same position for their entire workday.

Xsede is designed to work anywhere in any space. It can be used as a freestanding table in a private office. As a benching arrangement that can support employees working together — even if the work surface heights they enjoy are completely different. You can even add privacy panels to Xsede for workers who need their own space.

With a power/data beam stretching from end to end Xsede not only keeps phones, computers, and other devices powered throughout the day, it keeps cords neatly organized and out of sight. Which means, with Xsede you can satisfy employees who want a healthier workspace and those who want one that’s less cluttered.


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