A Shift to Resimercial | Bringing Comfort to the Office

CDI Design Trends: A Shift to Resimercial

While the term “resimercial” may not be new to our ears, this year’s NeoCon show in Chicago certainly solidified its continued presence throughout the industry. Resimercial designs were seen around every corner, incorporating homelike influences into commercial spaces and furnishings. With this trend only growing in popularity, we’re discussing how it came to fruition and why it is here to stay.

CDI: A Shift to Resimercial
Kimball Office: (clockwise from top left) Bloom, Villa / Dock / Pep, Pairings / Dwell

Defining Resimercial

Our society is evolving at a rapid pace. New generations of employees are entering the workforce, bringing diverse experiences, values and habits with them. Technological advancements continue to feed the need for autonomy, untethering workers from their desks and allowing mobility. With the freedom to work when and where they feel most comfortable, employees have become more productive than ever.

CDI Design Trends: A Shift to Resimercial
From top: JSI Moto Lounge, Global River 

In an effort to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce, office space is being redefined and redesigned. The corporate world is looking to accommodate employees of all ages and bring homelike influences, including colors and fabrics, into the work environment to help workers relax and boost productivity. Incorporating resimercial design into a work space, a term which describes the blending of residential and commercial interiors, not only provides a comfortable work environment but also the opportunity for natural employee connections and collaboration. These spaces now energize, inspire and connect, lending a hand in attracting and retaining workers.

Creating a Resimercial Space

Developers and designers are tossing out traditional corporate floor plans in favor of an open concept with a resimercial look and feel. By incorporating a variety of furniture elements throughout an office, from private areas to large conference rooms, small meeting places to lounge-type spaces, employees are no longer confined to partitioned workstations and have flexibility within their environment.

CDI Design Trends: A Shift to Resimercial
Clockwise from top: Bernhardt Mitt, JSI Connect / Wink, JSI Indie Lounge / Bourne

Collections like Kimball Office’s Pairings, JSI’s Indie Lounge, Bernhardt Mitt and JSI’s Moto all provide opportunities for engagement and room for collaboration while maintaining a relaxed aesthetic. Soft seating options like Global’s River and Allermuir’s Famiglia deliver privacy and comfort to workers who wish to get away from the monotony of desk work but remain in the office. Whether incorporating such pieces into a trendy work cafe, engaging conference room or general lounge area, residential designs are providing a place where employees want to stay longer, work harder and enjoy themselves.

CDI Design Trends: A Shift to Resimercial
Clockwise from top: Allermuir Famiglia, Global Vitrola, Allermuir Curve / Open

Balance Within the Office

While the future of office design is uncertain, one factor is sure to remain constant. A diverse environment is needed to create the balance necessary for a successful and productive workforce. Having the opportunity to choose where and when to work, along with the availability of flexible and mobile work spaces, can lend a hand in helping employees find such balance in their office. In assessing the needs of its employees, organizations will strive to provide a space that combines function and inspiration, performance and experience. Resimercial design embodies all these qualities while transporting workers into the comfort of home. And as the saying goes, there’s no place like home.


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