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Comfort and style. Flexibility and convenience. Choice and harmony. Some things are simply better together. This mentality is what prompted the creation of Pairings®, a diverse lounge-based system by Kimball Office designed to work alone or as components. Boasting power access, acoustical separation and functionality for open or enclosed spaces, Pairings provides an escape from conventional desk work for a comfortable and convenient moment alone or collaboration. Whether you’re looking to accommodate workers in a corporate, healthcare or education environment, you can truly have it all with Pairings.

CDI features Kimball Office Pairings

Design Story

Work is changing in dramatic ways. As discussed in previous blog posts, today’s diverse workforce is composed of multiple generations, each with different work styles and technological preferences. The demand for an autonomous environment that meets a plethora of expectations continues to grow. Employees want the ability to determine an appropriate setting for their personal and group work.

In collaboration with design team pL-D, Kimball Office created Pairings, a versatile family of components that can easily be crafted together to create formal or informal settings. Designers and clients have the ability to use these lounge pieces individually or as a system capable of creating a ‘third space.’ Pairings can be used in conjunction with other Kimball products as well, multiplying functionality in open plan environments. With a soft feel and sophisticated aesthetic, workers are welcomed into a setting that is ideal for impromptu meetings or individual work.

CDI features Kimball Office Pairings

Collection Offerings

The Pairings collection boasts an assortment of seating and table selections. Benches can be configured in a variety of ways, adding or subtracting seats, arms and back pieces. Divider walls and privacy panels are available to further transform an office setting, offering an isolated retreat for individuals and small groups alike. With integrated power capabilities and arm options, workers continue to stay connected and fully functional while having the freedom to leave their desks.


Tiered perch seating was unveiled at June’s NeoCon show as an addition to the Pairings collection. Perch configurations provide an area for impromptu casual gatherings, with divider walls and power integration also available.


In addition to seating options, the Pairings collection offers an assortment of tables. Round, square, magazine, pull-up and in-line tables can be constructed with power to further seamless connectivity. Designers and clients have the ability to mix and match seating and table options to meet their office needs.

CDI features Kimball Office Pairings

Endless Possibilities

Flexibility to choose where and how to work will continue to play a crucial role in attracting and retaining workers. Incorporating an autonomous workplace that provides a variety of private, semi-private, or open work environments will give employees the opportunity to select how they work best. Alone or in conjunction with other Kimball products, Pairings can multiply functionality in any office area. Employers can have peace of mind knowing that they are providing their workers with a space that adapts to changing work styles while supporting varying degrees of privacy. Pairings offers an informal environment where people can work and collaborate in comfort. With a collection so diverse, the possibilities are truly endless.


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