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Administrative areas in healthcare environments are no different than a typical office space. Employees must be equipped with purposeful furniture solutions that allow them to work efficiently. To achieve optimal productivity, today’s culture mandates three key principles. Flexibility, Thoughtful Ergonomic Design and Mobility. When applied to each of the workplaces within the healthcare environment, these guidelines encourage medical staff to output their best work and provide the best patient care possible.

Nurse Stations & Lab Areas

Patient bed towers and specialized clinics within large-scaled healthcare facilities require the care of certified nurses and other medical professionals. Depending on the type of care needed, the associated work flow and the architectural layout of the department – either centralized or decentralized nurse stations are purposefully positioned for successful patient recovery.  In some cases a hybrid solution can be implemented.

All three design principles can be accomplished successfully using furniture. Kimball Xsede® and Xsede® Height Adjust are two offerings that can excel anywhere from the open plan to private office. These solutions support a multitude of personal preferences and work styles. Xsede®products are the perfect solution for open plan environments when medical professionals are sharing a common work space.


Both standard and custom table top shapes can be positioned along bed-tower corridors in between patient rooms and serve as touch down spaces for nurses. A sophisticated desking system with height adjustable capabilities is a perfect solution for documentation and nurse monitoring stations.

CDI healthcare - Nurse Station Rendering

Kimball Xsede® Height Adjust tables are easily adjusted and reconfigured, unlike the traditional approach of shared spine work stations.  The design boasts a freestanding frame and companion privacy panels that are easily fixed to the table surface. Optional casters and table top power accessories make this transition even more simple.

Xsede® is successful in laboratory spaces as well; lab planning modules suggest coordinating flexibility and expansion into the design for maximum research results. Flexible lab modules allow researches to reconfigure equipment and furniture based on their needs as opposed to adjusting their work methods to predetermined fixed-casework.GALLERY_XHA-JOYA-JULY2017Xsede® Height Adjust tables provide employees with healthier work spaces facility wide. Kimball’s designs allow for employees to seamlessly shift between sitting and standing, freeing them from the negative health effects of staying in a fixed position for too long.

Kimball Xsede® and Xsede® Height Adjust can be successful solutions within any work space of a healthcare facility, from nurse stations and charting stations to lab spaces and team collaboration zones.

Height adjustable desks pose the question – what task seating is best? Kimball has the answer. Complete with lumbar support, a seat slider, adjustable uprights and a half dozen arm options – the Wish task chair provides customization for personal comfort and preference. It’s sit-to-stand and stool models, which come in mesh or upholstered back, pair very nicely with the Xsede® desk solutions. It also has a 400lb weight capacity and satisfies three-shift work requirements, excellent for high traffic areas in healthcare facilities.Gallery_Wish_9.jpg

Kimball | Wish™

Exam Rooms & Consultation Spaces

Because physicians are frequently moving throughout the exam room to consult with their patient and then back to their desks and back to the patient again, mobile furniture solutions are extremely useful.Gallery_Scenario_8The Scenario™ table from Kimball, can be a phenomenal asset to the medical staff that spends the majority of their day on the move. Not only moving from one corner of the room to the other, but also when floating between patients and visiting multiple exam rooms. A mobile, height adjustable table allows for this caretaker to efficiently move around the facility while keeping their devices and paperwork close by.  And when specified with the smallest standard table top, this table can be moved in and out of rooms with ease.7822475.jpg

Kimball | Scenario™

A physicians mobility, while sitting on an exam stool, is just as critical. Where traditional stools are often uncomfortable, static and stiff, the Pony Saddle task stool incorporate the same ergonomic design considerations as every other Humanscale® product. The result is a fun and versatile stool that encourages movement while remaining comfortable and promoting workspace wellbeing. Humanscale_Saddle task stoolThey are ideal for working closely on the computer and offer a healthy way of sitting, if leaning back on a back rest is not an option. Comfortable and versatile, these seats improve posture and allow for long-term comfort.

Freedom Pony Saddle stool _ B

Humanscale® | Pony Saddle

Made to support all kinds of interaction, from impromptu conversations to group meeting where technology is relied upon – Teem® is the perfect resource for a flexible consultation space. Both sides of the media cabinet can be equipped with monitors and markerboards for open environment consult spaces or positioned along a wall to conceal power and cable management.Highlight_Teem_1a

Remote teleconferencing between physicians can be scheduled in private rooms and consultation with family members can be held in a more comfortable space with lounge furniture for difficult diagnosis conversations. With a choice of  materials, heights, media capabilities and table options, Teem® offers plenty of ways to collaborate.


Kimball | Teem®

 Physician Offices

Private offices within a healthcare environment require flexible solutions for a variety of workplace strategies. Kimball’s Priority has a coordinated suite of desks, benches, tables and storage units, each of which integrate to create a modern work space allowing employees to work healthy, move freely and seamlessly between independent and interactive work modes. Designed for change, Priority provides what a workplace needs; the ability to reconfigure and adapt to suit virtually any situation.  Gallery_Joya-New_7a (1).jpg

Kimball | Priority™

The Joya™ task chair and companion side chair can be specified in a plethora of configurations to align with budgets and satisfy client needs. A polished base with static C arm and wood overlay create a sleek look for directors offices and board rooms.  While the standard black base with black mesh is suitable for facility standards like private offices and call centers. The side chair, generous in size, has multiple arm and caster options.Gallery_Joya-New_4a.jpg

Kimball | Joya™

Flat-panel monitors combined with a flexible and adjustable monitor arm can create a comfortable workstation. Humanscale’s range of robust monitor arms offer ultimate stability, sleek design and effortless functionality.mconnect_white_triple_600

In addition, the Humanscale monitor arms also promote a clutter-free workspace and a healthier, more ergonomic working posture. Users are encouraged to align the monitor at the correct height for them, which helps prevent eye and neck strain. When paired with M/Connect™—the first-ever integrated monitor arm base and docking station of its kind, collaboration and a shared desk approach can be easily applied.mconnect_gallery4

Humanscale | M/Connect™

Training Rooms & Third Space

The social surroundings separate from the two usual social environments (home and work) are know as Third Space.  A highly accessible, comfortable space provided to employees encourages them to recharge and connect with their coworkers.  This space has a multitude of seating options to satisfy the desired activity.8824342In spaces where employees are gathering for educational purposes or social functions, comfortable and easily stored furniture is needed. With a black mesh back and an upholstered seat Kimball’s Flip® has a clean and contemporary look, fit for any job.Large_LG_Flip_BlueReady to work and easy to store, Flip® is the answer for multipurpose work area where a beautiful and adaptable chair is desired. The seat folds up and allows for convenient nesting and storage. Available with or without arms, with glides or casters, in black or chrome – this chair fits a variety of different applications and can be utilized as a facility standard.

Kimball | Flip®

Villa™ is a modular lounge collection equipped to support a variety of individual or group activities. It can be arranged in endless configurations or used in freestanding arrangements. Optional full-height SHADE™ privacy divider panels, work surfaces, and built-in power and USB hubs fit the evolving needs of tech-savvy workers.Gallery_Villa_10.jpg

Kimball | Villa™

When appropriate furniture solutions are provided it allows employees to perform in their greatest capacity. This is crucial to healthcare environments due to the direct correlation between successful work styles and patient care. Healthcare facilities are recognizing the importance and addressing the need for flexible, healthy workspaces by providing their employees with the necessary tools for the job.


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