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Kimball Health | Spruce Lounge, Guest and Tandem Guest SeatingEvidence shows that cleaner surfaces have the potential to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), so it is critical that appropriate, easily-cleanable furniture solutions are being specified to promote successful patient recovery. Although patient rooms are known as the primary culprit, any surface within a healthcare facility can harbor dangerous bacteria. Taking note of what materials and which finishes are best suited for each facilities’ cleaning regiment allows for the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

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After their stay, patients are offered a survey to measure their overall experience and inform future visitors of their approval rating, much like business and restaurants are rated through third party companies. This nation-wide standardized survey, better known as HCAHPS [Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and Systems], produces data that allows objective and meaningful comparisons of hospitals on topics that are important to patients and consumers. Publicized reports of HCAHPS scores create incentive for hospitals to improve quality of care and strengthen facilities accountability in return for public investment.

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Perceived cleanliness plays a huge part in patients’ responses to questions on the HCAHPS report regarding their overall experience. This perception in the healthcare arena can be affected by things as simple as chipped laminate, damaged wood or worn fabrics. Interior furniture and finishes that can withstand rigorous cleaning regiments not only help reduce the possible spread of infection, but keep the facility’s overall clean aesthetic. By incorporating furniture that has been constructed to resist the daily abuse of a typical healthcare environment, it ensures that patients’ perceptions will be positive and HCAHPS scores remain high.

Below is a breakdown of some of the material offerings that are currently provided by commercial manufactures to promote clean and safe healing environments.

Furniture Finishes

Pura, by Kimball, is a proprietary, water-based ultraviolet wood finish that has virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and meets or exceeds indoor air quality (IAQ) standards. Although not necessarily suitable for areas prone to high risk bacteria growth, this exceptional finish provides durability when the warmth of true wood is desired and allows the natural beauty to shine through.

Kimball Health | Villa Health Lounge Chair

Solid surface material is prevalent in healthcare environments as well because of its inherent non-porous composition, deterring bacteria growth and making it easily cleanable.  The function of solid surface material is quite obvious and it’s form can be complimentary, with thoughtful, elegant design. The Kimball Spruce solid surface arm cap, shown below, adds protection and enhances the mid-century design aesthetic.

Kimball Health | Spruce Lounge Chair w/ solid surface arm cap

EOScu, which can be specified for nearly any surface in a healthcare facility, including Kimball Health arm caps and table tops, is a self-sanitizing solid-surface material that eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours of exposure, even after repeated contamination.

EOS Cupron color samples

Infused with copper, EOScu is a Preventive|Biocidal Surface™ that works around the clock to kill infection-causing bacteria*, including resistant strains like MRSA and Acinetobacter. The Spruce Patient Chair was specified with the EOS arm cap for our CDI Healthcare Showroom to showcase it’s elegant, functional design.

CDI healthcare showroom - Kimball Health | Spruce Patient Chair w/ Cupron arm cap

Kwalu is a furniture manufacturer that builds their frames out of high-impact-resilient polymer and a patented steel-joint construction.  This line was specifically designed for the healthcare market and because of its impervious, indestructible material it sets itself apart from any other manufacturer in the industry. It can handle the wear and tear of heavy-use, high-traffic environments and its simple housekeeping process keep the furniture looking new for 10 years – or its covered under warranty.

With the look of wood and extreme durability, Kwalu furniture products are a fantastic solution for healthcare facilities looking to provide their patients with high level design and safe healing environments.


Furniture solutions are designed to be robust for demanding healthcare environments. There are a variety of options available in the market and when paired with cleanable, durable upholstery selections patient spaces can easily be cleaned and well-maintained.

Textile Finishes

Silica was created by Momentum Textiles to be the most sustainable alternative to vinyl. Developed over the course of two years, the goal was accomplished by creating a new coated fabric made from 51% silicone and 49% polyester; zero PVC and zero solvents.

CDI features | Momentum, Silica Prints
Momentum | Silica Prints

PVC free coated fabrics are better for the environment, safer for human health and longer lasting. Silica also has a few other unique characteristics. It is ink-erasable, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial – a dream for EVS teams.

Crypton is the leading stain, moisture and odor resistant performance fabric in the industry. The patented technology creates encapsulated fibers through an immersion process making the fabric immune to the typical healthcare spills.

Xorel by Carnegie is a sustainable, high performance fabric. It can be applied to vertical surfaces for wall protection, wrap acoustical panels for sound absorption and used as an upholstery on most furniture solutions. The embossed graphic patterns and high aesthetic appeal can be aggressively cleaned and resist fading.

Additional protection is available with X-Protect wall backing and X-Protect Sit to prevent molding and water damage.  Xorel also offers collections that are antibacterial, which guard against the growth of fungus.

CDI features | Xorel by Carnegie, Kaleidoscope Pattern
Carnegie | Xorel, Bewtween the Lines

HCAHPS scores encourage healthcare facilities to understand the value in providing clean and safe healing environments through publicized records and associated funding. Facilities are consequently learning the value that furniture can bring through its capacity to eliminate bacteria growth and prohibit viruses from spreading. When spaces can be cleaned quickly and effectively, patients are given a better chance at a successful recovery.


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