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When it comes to today’s office landscape, visual expression and interior personalization is more essential than ever. Workplace design can not only lead to increased employee productivity and creativity, as we’ve touched upon in previous blog posts, it is also an important tool in communicating a company’s voice, character and aspirations. Though panel systems play a significant role in the office and have been incorporated into professional environments for decades, their surfaces and materials have largely been ignored. Kimball set out to change that with the launch of Narrate, an innovative panel system that offers a streamlined framework with the ability to maximize flexibility and customizable design. With the power to bring together a wide variety of complementary components and expressive products, you can truly let your brand’s story unfold with Narrate.


“Our Narrate collection inspires designers and end-users to have a completely different visual respect for the panel system. While panel systems serve a variety of functions, and are still very popular in today’s work environments, they are usually very similar in style and offer little in the terms of design appeal. Narrate changes all of that.”

Wendy Murray, Kimball’s Director of Marketing


Get to Know Narrate

Office aesthetics set an important tone. Bold or subtle, classic or modern, simple or dynamic. Whether it is creating a lasting first impression or sustaining a flexible and responsive workspace for today’s variety of work styles, Kimball’s Narrate combines the components needed for maximum efficiency without compromising appealing aesthetic.

Narrate’s panel system allows designers to easily utilize a seamless blend of storage, seating and the choice of static or height-adjustable work surfaces. Technology can be conveniently integrated and connected through any panel, concealing wires and keeping workspaces clean and uncluttered. End panels can be outfitted with a variety of materials to make a statement or demarcate work zones. The collection also allows designers to incorporate ‘shelters’ into the system, providing visual interest and a convenient location for a moment alone or collaborative work. Narrate combines the function and flexibility to support today’s dynamic work environment, as well as the design capabilities to set your brand apart. Let’s dive a little deeper and discuss the panel system’s key features.

CDI Features Kimball Narrate

Key Features 

With clean lines and crisp aesthetics that don’t demand attention, Narrate is naturally fit for open office landscapes. The system provides essential components that a diverse workforce needs in a seemingly endless amount of configurations. Its flexible and versatile design allows designers and end users to incorporate privacy or collaboration spaces as needed. Apart from offering designated workstations, Narrate encourages freedom and social interaction with optional touchdown designs for internal teams, mobile workers or guests.

CDI Features Kimball Narrate

Narrate was designed to work in conjunction with Kimball’s Traxx®, an innovative wall system that allows for an infinite placement of thin horizontal support brackets for off-modular incorporation of furniture. Those familiar with Traxx’s original design will be pleased to see a thinner, more appealing profile to compliment Narrate’s modern appearance. Simple and intuitive design enables a wide variety of panels, functional tiles, adjustable-height work surfaces and storage to be easily integrated, transforming architectural elements into useful square footage while keeping a clean aesthetic. In utilizing this off-modularity, employees can position tools and accessories where they deem best, maximizing and personalizing their footprint of space by adding functionality to panel walls.

Together with Traxx, Narrate provides components that every employee needs in a variety of configurations. System options include, but are not limited to;

  • Sliding Privacy Doors
  • Technology Tiles
  • Frameless Glass, Back-Painted Glass, Laminate, Veneer and Markerboard Tiles
  • Slat Tiles to Incorporate Narrate or Perks Accessories

CDI Features Kimball Narrate

Stackable frames and transition posts within Narrate’s skeleton enable panel height to be changed without having to disassemble the entire system. This flexibility provides end users the opportunity to easily make configuration adjustments should the need or desire arise. In addition to offering frames in five different base heights, Narrate provides the option to incorporate one- and two-high stackable frames that can span multiple panels. Glass tiles can be extended over several frames, delivering a fresh look on the traditional panel system.

Kimball’s collection also allows designers to integrate ‘shelters’ into the system. Available in metal, TFL laminate and wood, cover slats can span lengths from 60” to 96”. The incorporation of these shelters not only provides further visual interest, but creates acoustical separation and encourages private thinking or small collaboration areas.


In order to provide workers with the necessary resources to remain productive throughout their work day, Narrate offers a seamless integration of technology within its streamlined framework. Designers and end users have the ability to run tiles to the floor, keeping electrical capabilities hidden within the system’s panels. Narrate even provides the option of embedding monitors behind back-painted glass tiles for maximum convenience and space utilization. Individuals and teams alike are given the opportunity to stay connected while maintaining mobility throughout their workspace.

CDI Features Kimball Narrate

For a closer look at Narrate’s features, view the product video below or read through the system brochure for design thought starters.

Personalize Your Space

One of Narrate’s most distinguishable features is the ability to offer both standard and customizable end panels, providing a dynamic and personalized platform for brand expression. Standard work areas are replaced by artistic landscapes as panels can be outfitted with customized graphics, mixed materials, layered or seamed panels and more. With Narrate’s design-centric furniture offering, the open office is transformed into a workplace that is as beautiful as it is efficient.

CDI Features Kimball Narrate

Let Narrate Tell Your Story

No two companies are exactly the same. Each requires a workplace that is unique to their brand and their employees. Kimball set out to not only revitalize today’s panel system, but to create a diverse collection that has the capability to speak to all companies and their multi-faceted workforce. Narrate’s design-centric furniture offering provides maximum functionality along with a wide range of aesthetic choices, allowing designers and end users the ability to effortlessly create custom work areas and dynamic platforms for brand expression. No matter the style, this panel system has the power to voice it.

Your brand is unique, along with the story behind it. Allow Narrate to create an office design that is true to you and be a visual tool in expressing your brand’s story.

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