Furniture Solutions Influencing Today’s Seniors

Older generations are having conversations about the next phase of life and are trying to determine the best place to call their future home (or a loved one’s next home). The Silent Generation [ages 92-72] and Baby Boomers [ages 71-53] comprise the mass majority of people currently looking to live in senior communities and although members of each of these generations share unique values and expectations, together they have similarities in their thought processes and preferences.

It is important to acknowledge these preferences and address their thought processes as the need for senior housing will more than double over the next twenty years.Chart of Proj on Household Growth
A reasonable amount of caution and skepticism are common thoughts when researching costly senior living facilities because there is a lot to consider when choosing the best location for eldercare.  While it is critical to evaluate whether or not your selection has appropriate medical care, understanding if your future home has comfortable, enjoyable accommodations can help justify the overall cost.  These living environments are thoughtfully designed with furniture and finishes that create a variety of inviting spaces that nurture engaging experiences for seniors.Kwalu | Group Room
Kwalu |Michael Lowry Photography

Because of the allure, people are making the move to senior housing at significantly younger ages and developers are reacting to the trend by building even more options.  Here’s a quick look at some of today’s trends.

Common Areas

Fully furnished community rooms are welcoming to prospective residents and serve as a prominent selling feature for senior living facilities.  Lobby areas provide soft seating surrounded by decorative artwork and books. Dining rooms are populated with multiple seating configurations to accommodate different sized groups and social bar-like atmospheres that offer entertainment. Exercise and activity spaces are arranged with multiple furniture solutions to appease a variety of interests.Kwalu | Common Areas
Kwalu |Micahel Lowry Photography, Attic Fire Photography

The type of medical care offered within senior living communities dictates the amount of common areas provided to residents. While assisted living facilities function similar to nursing homes and residents spend more time within their rooms, they offer a bit more entertainment through community rooms. Independent living is much different. Residents are equipped with a typical condominium lifestyle, including parking spaces and in room kitchenettes that encourage their independence. Social areas are then intentionally designed to provide them the comforts of home and the opportunity to spend time with their neighbors and friends.

Assisted Living

Senior Living Facilities that offer nursing services for assisted living, rehabilitation or memory care residents are also including additional amenities to make the stay feel less clinical and more like home. Centralized group rooms are populated with tables for game playing and hobbies to strengthen fine motor skills.  The tables and chairs in these spaces look similar to residential furniture, but have higher performing attributes and warranty packages.

Dining chairs are designed with discrete features, like hidden casters in the back legs and grab handles integrated into the frame, which allow caretakers to assist residents in and out of their seats. Tables are equipped with hidden caters as well, and lock for added safety.Kwalu | Dining Room
Kwalu | Michael Lowry Photography

Independent Living

While assisted and independent living facilities differ in the level of medical care needed and safety provided, the furniture in common spaces is actually quite similar. Independent living facilities are designed with fully furnished community spaces, but typically are a bit more lavish with extra amenities like spas and theater rooms.Kwalu | Amenity Rooms
Kwalu | Michael Lowry Photography

Senior living campuses located across the country offer similar amenities and have a need for universal function. Manufacturers celebrate these different geographical regions and produce durable solutions that are designed to fit a variety of aesthetics, ranging from traditional and rustic to modern and transitional. Kwalu | Seating Styles
A full range of product collections, offered by Kwalu, are featured above.  In order clockwise, starting top left to bottom left. Valverde Lounge, Lofty Sienna Counter Stool, Prizzi Lounge ChairAntillo Bench

Multi-purpose tables, lounge seating, bookshelves and lighting add a residential feel to independent living facilities and provide much needed function to social areas. These common spaces give residents the opportunity to come together, participate in social activities and enjoy their stay.Kwalu | Activity SpacesKwalu | Michael Lowry Photography

Resident Rooms

Because assisted living facilities sometimes serve residents for temporary stays, the individual bedrooms are furnished similarly to a patient room in a hospital or nursing home. This usually includes a medical-grade bed, storage components for personal belongings and a patient chair.  Residents and their family members will likely bring decor from home to make their stay more comfortable. Independent living facilities are different.  The condominium approach makes it unnecessary for individual units to be furnished by the facility. Instead residents bring their own furniture when they relocate.

Commercial furniture manufacturers build solutions for senior housing that look residential, but offer extreme durability and warranties to appease frequent resident changes. Wood-look laminate solutions create warmth and provide easy cleanability. The Kimball Health Sanctuary product line offers bedside cabinets, as well as headboard and foot board components which work together to make resident rooms feel a bit less sterile.Kimball Health | Sanctuary Casegoods
Kimball Health | Sanctuary
Patient chairs and rockers give residents comfort in the privacy of their own rooms.  Carolina’s Saven rocker is a modern twist on the traditional rocker.  It’s clean lines and white metal legs provide a desired level of modernity and sophistication for the Baby Boomer generation. Carolina | Saven Rocker
Carolina | Saven Rocker

The Spruce™ Motion Patient Chair by Kimball Health, is designed for the rigorous requirements of a typical healthcare environment.  It comes standard with a clean-out feature and its minimal footprint has a wall-saver frame. The torsion mechanism allows six degrees of motion, which can strengthen posture and promote overall well-being. Its stylish mid-century modern frame and comfortable sit make it a perfect solution for up-to-date senior living facilities. Kimball | Spruce Motion Patient ChairKimball Health | SpruceMotion Patient Chair

Developers, senior communities and design firms are working together to package quality care and comfort with the extra necessities that appeal to new residents. Together they are filling spaces with purposefully placed, well-designed furniture to help create desirable senior housing solutions. It is quite clear that senior living communities are much more attractive today than facilities were just years ago. Because of this approach, older generations are choosing to live in senior communities and those who do are more likely to live healthy, satisfying lifestyles.

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