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As organizations adapt to accommodate today’s diverse workforce and their various work styles, it is imperative that design solutions maximize function and flexibility. The open office plan that was sought after for many years has shown limitations in its original design. While breaking down barriers within a workspace can lead to increased creativity and foster collaboration opportunities, complete elimination of privacy can be distracting and detrimental to employee productivity. Kimball’s Canopy™ is a unique, design-driven benching system that can be configured and adapted to meet varying office needs, providing both engagement and solitude for today’s workforce. Let’s dive into the characteristics that make Canopy a perfect addition for any open office plan.

CDI Features Kimball Canopy

“Canopy’s flexibility, high functionality and malleability was designed to address today’s demanding workplace needs. It is a response to how we work today. With its simple assortment of accessories, it gives users a high degree of customization. Canopy is an incredibly adaptable system that can be configured to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide range of end users.”

Primo Orpilla, Co-Founder of Studio O+A and Designer of Canopy

Design Story

What is the design solution for the modern workplace? While open-plan offices have both advantages and disadvantages, time has revealed various design and furniture solutions that can aid in making them a versatile and productive environment for our diverse workforce. The concept for Canopy was conceived by Primo Orpilla, co-founder of the design firm Studio O+A. The San Francisco-based firm is known for its expansive, open-plan offices and is responsible for the offices of Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft and other innovative organizations. Developed with the design team at Kimball, the concept became a reality and a highly adaptable and versatile workstation was created. Canopy can be utilized in any open-plan, boasting modification tools to give users acoustical and visual privacy as needed. Offering a wide range of ergonomic and aesthetic options, Canopy allows for sitting or standing, heads-down or small-team huddle work, all within a single, customizable system.

Line Offerings

Variety is a key feature of Canopy. The benching system offers space-efficient configurations for all modern office needs, incorporating height-adjustable surfaces, privacy booths and media walls. Privacy and canopy screens are available for those that enjoy a sense of visual and acoustic seclusion, while end components and free-standing tables can be specified to offer a collaboration retreat.

CDI Features Kimball Canopy

Canopy offers a unique offering of materials to allow for personalized touches of texture and color throughout the workplace. Screens can be outfitted with writable laminate, tackable felt, bungee cords and accessory rails with an assortment of attachments for further expression. Utility cup holders, writable marker holders and task lights are all equipped for Canopy’s work surfaces, while photo frames, name plates and file organizers can be added onto screen rails.

CDI Features Kimball Canopy

A wide range of wood-grains, metallic paints, as well as coordinating paint and felt combinations are available to create an invigorating atmosphere that allows for both brand and personal expression. Exposed plywood edges, wood truss accents and natural wool felt provide a level of customization that truly sets Canopy apart from other benching systems.

CDI Features Kimball Canopy

For additional thought starters and design options, view the Kimball Canopy brochure.

Finding a Balance

Workspaces that accommodate and prioritize the increasingly diverse needs of employees today are becoming more and more prominent. Furniture solutions within an office play an integral role in not only reflecting each brand’s personal image, but providing the tools for maximum productivity and inspiration for those who comprise it. Kimball’s Canopy system seamlessly combines function with flexibility, offering its users the ability to evolve alongside it. With a plethora of versatile components and unique aesthetic choices, this benching system is the perfect addition for the modern open-plan office.


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