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Family owned and operated since 1984, Color Ink has grown from a small commercial print shop in Milwaukee to a team of over 75 industry professionals serving diverse clientele across the nation. The company continues to offer dynamic and innovative marketing solutions 30 years later, with a continual focus on self-improvement and an extensive resume of trade experience. In reflecting how best to utilize their 100,000 sq ft space in Sussex, Wis., Color Ink sought a design firm that would provide solutions for areas of underutilized, outdated space and fuse original furniture with new additions. CDI transformed scarcely used square footage into multipurpose, functional work space and a communal hub for creativity and hospitality.

In selecting furniture and architectural finishes for Color Ink’s underutilized areas, it was essential to maximize both space and function as continued company growth was inevitable. Conference room walls located off the building’s entrance were torn down and replaced with glass to provide aesthetically pleasing transparency and depth. Splashes of magenta and teal were integrated throughout lounge pieces, carpeting and wall paint in the work café as a reflection of Color Ink’s brand and creative identity. While incorporating original furniture within an updated space posed a challenge, CDI created a fresh, cohesive blend of seated and standing height workstations and collaboration areas for the company’s growing team. Integrated technology ensures that employees are offered flexibility and mobility throughout their workspace, assisting in the attraction and retention of Color Ink’s talented staff and overall innovation.

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CDI is a cutting-edge commercial furniture dealership that believes thoughtful design and strategic planning are critical components in the success of every project. We can help companies achieve their business vision and goals and help maintain your workplace investment. CDI creates functional and inspiring interiors designed to foster employee well-being, productivity and engagement.

CDI is a “Select” Kimball Office dealer. The “Select” status is Kimball’s premier dealer designation, which demonstrates dealership excellence in sales, service, financial stability, business processes and more.

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