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Adaptability plays a significant role within the workplace. When speaking of employees, adaptability refers to adjustments in behavior or method of approach in response to the needs of a situation. It is a critical quality that employers seek in today’s workforce as rapid changes in technology, diversity and society continue to flood the office. While employee adaptability directly correlates to organizational success and profitability, can’t the same be said for office adaptability? Just as employees have the power to change with time and needs, the office should offer the same potential.

Whether your organization is growing in size, internal structural needs have changed or company relocation is imminent, movable walls offer indispensable flexibility to the modern office. Trendway, a leading manufacturer in architectural products, offers three types of movable wall systems, each boasting undeniable benefits and a commitment to sustainability. Let’s take a deeper look into the many advantages of movable walls and the key features of Trendway’s products.

CDI Features Trendway Movable Walls; Volo

Movable Walls vs. Traditional Drywall

The initial comparison is as simple as it sounds. While movable walls and traditional drywall share many functional similarities, the most obvious advantage lies in the reconfiguration and relocation capabilities that movable walls boast. Traditional drywall construction and demolition is a time consuming, messy and costly endeavor that produces a significant amount of waste. Movable walls, on the other hand, can be easily installed in a few days with little disruption to the rest of the office, reducing or eliminating the need to hire other trades. These architectural systems are 95% re-usable and their modular panel construction can be reconfigured with minimal impact to carpet and ceiling, posing a huge advantage if an office relocation is possible.

While it is a popular perception that movable walls are cost prohibitive over traditional drywall construction, these systems can be very cost competitive. Movable walls, though they may have a higher cost upfront, can actually be more cost effective with proper design and planning. The streamlined installation of these architectural products reduces labor hours and costs dramatically and requires only one trade for completion, as opposed to the several trades that drywall requires, including steel stud, taping, mudding and painting. If your office foresees a reconfiguration or relocation in its future, movable walls provide flexibility for growth or modification with less impact to your budget. Drywall would require correct permits to make changes, a construction team to demolish and build walls and cause amplified disruption to the office with lengthened project time and a great deal more mess. There are also tax advantages available with movable wall systems, as they may be classified as “tangible property,” depreciating over just 7 years as compared to drywall’s 39 years.

CDI Features Trendway Movable Walls; Volo

Another remarkable advantage to movable walls is their design versatility. All three of Trendway’s movable wall systems are able to conform to design requirements and site conditions. A variety of wall panels and tiles, door options, power and data capabilities, hardware and locks are available to create a customized and functional space. If aesthetic tastes or privacy needs change, panels can be removed from a panel run and replaced at any time and at any point, regardless of the installation sequence and without disassembling the entire system. Unlike drywall, architectural products allow for users to easily incorporate partial or entire glass walls, providing acoustic privacy and segregation while simultaneously enabling natural light to flow through a space. Not only does natural light have health and wellness benefits for employees, but specifying all glass components with Trendway’s Volo® Wall is that system’s most cost effective comparison to drywall. Browse through each of Trendway’s three systems to better understand their individual offerings and differences.

Three Systems for Ultimate Flexibility


  • Monolithic
  • Tools-free access to power/data
  • Unitized, modular panel construction for quick installations
  • Reconfiguration and reinstallation capabilities
  • Most cost effective alternative to drywall in Trendway’s movable wall offerings
  • View the TrendWall brochure for further details

CDI Features Trendway Movable Walls; Trendwall

Volo® Wall

  • Frame and tile design
  • A&D design appeal
  • Almost unlimited elevation design options
  • Unitized, modular panel construction for quick installations
  • Reconfiguration and reinstallation capabilities
  • View the Volo brochure for further details

CDI Features Trendway Movable Walls; Volo

Clear Wall

  • Frameless glass
  • Floor-to-ceiling storefront solution
  • High-end aesthetic with glass corners and architectural features
  • Simple construction and quick installations
  • Reconfiguration and reinstallation capabilities
  • View the Clear Wall brochure for further details

CDI Features Trendway Movable Walls; Clear Wall

Trendway Advantage

Trendway offers the power to integrate TrendWall, Volo and Clear Wall for maximum customization. These capabilities allow for users to achieve their desired price, privacy, function, power and data integration and appearance with a blending of systems. With fast specification and the shortest lead times in the market, Trendway’s architectural products are both an affordable and wise choice when designing your office and planning construction schedules. The company is also committed to sustainability in all its manufacturing and business practices, meaning its movable walls systems are composed of high recycled content and are SCS Indoor Advantage® and BIFMA e3 level® 2 certified. No matter your design preferences, budget or architectural constraints, Trendway delivers flexible, affordable and sustainable products for an office that is as adaptable as the people who work in it.

50 Years of Service

2018 marks Trendway’s 50th year in business, an incredible achievement for any organization. With numerous employees having dedicated over 30 years of service to the company and its customers, Trendway is recognizing each and sharing their stories. Follow the link to read more about these amazing employees and view the video below for a look into Trendway’s remarkable history.

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