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Corporate spaces have become increasingly flexible in recent years as employees demand adaptability and autonomy throughout their workspace. This move towards flexible working has ensured that a wide variety of tools and technologies continue to be incorporated within the office to allow for both mobility and connection. However, in an age when organizations may struggle staying ahead of the curve with new and upcoming technology trends, wisely implementing tools that are relevant to a space and its employees is crucial. Cleverly integrated power solutions can increase productivity, provide freedom and flexibility, all while boasting clean aesthetics, organization and ergonomic benefits. It is also important to note that the benefits of integrated technology can be reaped within learning and healthcare environments as well, where students, patients and staff members crave the same connection and flexibility. Let’s walk through a few options that are easily incorporated into the modern office and can be thought starters for other working environments.

CDI Features Integrated Technology
Shown Above: Landscape Forms GO OutdoorTable

Office Breakdown


Time spent at a personal workstation is most often heads-down, focus work. As employees are meeting deadlines, juggling projects and consistently communicating with teammates and clients, multipurpose tools that facilitate optimal performance are a smart investment for employers. Two such tools are the Kimball Jolt and Humanscale’s M/Connect Docking Station, both of which deliver workstation power and connectivity to technological devices. The Kimball Jolt offers USB charging in a sleek, low profile design for a variety of devices. The unit easily adheres to laminate, veneer, solid and glass surfaces and its backlit connectors help users locate charge ports. Humanscale’s M/Connect is a complete workstation solution, offering ergonomic comfort through its adjustable monitor arm and access to a headphone jack and USB ports through its base for high-speed charging. This all-inclusive docking station improves efficiency and connectivity while providing sleek cable management through its monitor arm.

CDI Features Integrated Technology
Shown Above: Humanscale M/Connect and Kimball Jolt (Bottom Left)

Lounge Areas

As employees yearn for a change of scenery, incorporating technologically equipped lounge areas and third spaces allows them to continue working comfortably away from their desks. A plethora of manufacturers now integrate technology connections directly into their furniture pieces to give users quick charging capabilities within open plan office environments. Kimball Pairings is a tech-friendly collection that is ideal for solo or collaborative work. Power can be integrated directly into a seat, table or divider wall, providing seamless connection and functionality no matter how employees choose to work. The Indie Lounge collection from JSI embraces a contemporary, resimercial aesthetic for both public and intimate settings. Power centers, which include two USB ports and a three-prong receptacle, can be under mounted, flush mounted or specified as an arm-mounted power block with matching finishes. Allermuir’s Mote was designed with convenient power outlets and USB ports at seat base. The product range can be specified as single or multiple seat ottomans and sofas, and the latter available with privacy screens and work shelves.

CDI Features Integrated Technology
Clockwise from Top Right: JSI Indie Lounge, Allermuir Mote, Kimball Pairings

Collaboration Tables

Technologically equipped collaboration tables and benches are a staple within the modern office. In recent years, a push towards seamless, discrete power solutions have inspired an assortment of sleek and sophisticated offerings from manufacturers such as Kimball, Izzy and Bernhardt. Kimball’s Kore benches and tables embrace a simplistic design infused with essential power solutions that don’t distract. The line features a variety of power options, such as the motorized power vault pictured below, which rotates from solid surface to power receptacles. Boasting a plethora of frame and top offerings, powered multi-purpose tables and mobile carts, the Kore collection brings functionality to the entire office. Izzy’s Nemo Bar is a statement piece that brings technology access to individuals and teams alike. At counter or standing height, the modern design has a clean form with power options on base sides, table ends or both. The bar table also features a wide variety of laminates and fabrics to incorporate into its customizable design.

CDI Features Integrated Tech
Shown Above: Kimball Kore and Izzy Nemo Bar (Bottom Right)

The Bernhardt Powerbar exudes a luxurious air with a simple but sturdy shape. Specified at counter or bar height, the Powerbar features an integral shelf for temporary storage and can be outfitted with power options, such as a surface power vault or power strip, in multiple locations within the shelf opening or mounted onto the worksurface. A TeleAdapt power module can be also specified for use within the shelf opening, which includes two grounded outlets, one 2.1 amp USB outlet and one 1.0 amp UBS outlet with a 9 foot grounded plug.

CDI Features Integrated Technology
Shown Above: Bernhardt Powerbar


Freestanding power solutions take connectivity to another level. These technology applications are as versatile as they people who utilize them, instantly transforming any space into a connection point and collaboration area. The Kimball Kore mobile cart and Izzy’s Dewey Connection Cart both offer clutter-free, portable technology for impromptu gatherings or small meetings. These carts can also be specified with tackable or writeable surfaces and include small storage space. While not mobile, the Kimball Teem provides a convenient hub for collaboration, offering a media wall that can be equipped with monitors or markerboards on both sides. The Mockett Power Tower is a multi-functional, portable media station, supplying simultaneous power to several users from all three of its sides. The lightweight tripod stands about 25” tall and its design facilitates mobility for employees and teams throughout the office.

CDI Features Integrated Technology
Clockwise from Top Left: Kimball Teem, Mockett Power Tower, Izzy Dewey Connection Cart


The 21st Century office has started to maximize every square foot of space, both indoor and outdoor, to better serve its current and prospective employees. Organizations may choose different uses for its outdoor space but integrating a few functional tools within outdoor furniture can present workers with another opportunity for remaining connected and productive away from their desk. Landscape Forms’ GO OutdoorTable is a powerful solution that keeps people connected while they enjoy nature’s many benefits. The communal table, which can be outfitted at sitting or standing height, features a slim profile that is ideal for formal and informal activities and doesn’t distract from natural views. Unique features of the GO include LED lighting capabilities, glare reduction for improved visibility and working conditions, charging and power stations, display mounting and solar power.

CDI Features Integrated Technology

Providing a Powerful Connection

Today’s diverse workforce craves the choice to work where, when and how they deem best. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is vital that furniture evolve alongside it and provide workers with the freedom to work how they please. Investing in a sleek, clutter-free office with integrated technology can not only support productivity and stimulate spontaneous interaction, it can boost employee performance and overall organization profitability. Contact the CDI sales team for additional thought-starters on how you can maximize functionality and freedom in your corporate, learning or healthcare space.


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