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If you’re unfamiliar with Configura’s CET Designer, it is time to immerse yourself into a truly remarkable design experience. This intelligent, all-in-one software solution has made its way into the office of the CDI design team and has proven to be a remarkable asset in space planning and product configuration. Developed with the user in mind, CET’s intuitive technology makes it easier than ever before to create photorealistic, panoramic renderings and bring a space to life right before a client’s eyes. Built-in product rules eliminate mistakes and allow designers and project managers to work efficiently, while components that represent manufacturers’ products look and behave like actual products. A complete solution that quickly and accurately transforms concepts into reality, CET Designer is the future of space planning and the future of CDI design.

Tools for Maximum Efficiency

CET Designer boasts a multitude of convenient features that help streamline the sales, design and order processes from start to finish. With thousands of products being offered by a surplus of manufacturers, it is impossible to manage configuration capabilities and pricing of everything… unless you have CET. The software’s built-in product rules eliminate human errors that can trickle through and negatively affect a project. While designers designate exactly what they want to appear within installation drawings, CET automatically calculates prices and provides an accurate bill of materials that can be sent to customers for review and to the manufacturer for ordering at the simple click of a mouse. CET’s live design visual interface also allows project team members and customers to work collaboratively with ease and is a powerful tool during face-to-face settings or even when working remotely. For a commercial furniture dealership like CDI that works with clients throughout the country, this technology is a powerful tool for remaining actively involved in the design process. The software also includes 360-degree walk-thru video capabilities, providing customers with an incredibly detailed view of their space and a more comprehensive understanding of the project. If adjustments to the rendering need to be made, they can be done in real time with automatic specifications being made in the background and an immediate price reflection. With CET Designer, spaces can be brought to life like never before.

Virtual Viewer

Configura’s Virtual Viewer has brought a futuristic approach to interior design. Coupled with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, designers and customers are now offered the opportunity to walk through their space and thoroughly explore what they are purchasing. This technology will intensify the collaboration between client and project team and solidify a successful end result. Take a glimpse at CET’s virtual reality technology below and be sure to visit Configura’s NeoCon booth next month in Chicago for further information and demonstration.

CDI Team Testimonials

“CET Designer has been an exceptional tool for the CDI design team and our clients. The software allows us to provide detailed interior shots and aerial views of spaces in their entirety, letting clients see EXACTLY what their space will look like and giving them confidence in their decisions.”

Aly Cleveland, CDI Interior Designer

CDI Features CET Software

“I have found CET Designer to be one of the most intuitive software programs. Even as a beginner, I have a great deal of admiration for it and have found the program’s online support to be extremely beneficial. Renderings can be kept simple for the purpose of providing clients with a basic idea, or you can play around with specific lighting, download realistic accent pieces and pull in real finishes. We recently created a rendering of Kimball’s Bloom chair placed within a resimercial setting and have had people ask where the photo was taken!”

Susan Hirsch, CDI Interior Designer

CDI Features CET Designer Software

“CET eliminates the tediousness of our legacy software programs through its sophisticated structure of smart tools. It allows our creative team to focus on innovative workplace design with an emphasis on the ability to visualize environments in a manner that is easy to understand through photo realistic renderings, virtual reality and fly-through videos. The simplicity of CET accelerates our design process to bring all aspects of the project together and allows our team to co-create alongside our clients for a more efficient and agile process. ”

Jennifer Kilp, CDI Director of Design

CDI Features CET Designer Software

Do you have an upcoming furniture project or concept in mind? The CDI design team is eager to help! Contact Jen Kilp, Director of Design, to schedule a consultation and learn how CET Designer can aid in the creation of a unique, beautiful space.

Jen Kilp, Director of Design
jkilp@corporatedesigninteriors.com | 262.309.4039

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Corporate Design Interiors (CDI) is an industry-leading commercial furniture dealership whose award-winning product knowledge, thoughtful design coupled with strategic planning deliver functional and inspiring interiors designed to foster employee well-being, productivity and engagement. CDI’s relentless focus on delivering positive workplaces mirroring the culture and vision of companies while delivering a high value investment has earned CDI diverse clients including;  established Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits/public sector and energetic startups.

As a “Select” Kimball dealer, CDI’s excellence in sales, partnership, quality improvement, community involvement and overall business best practices earned it the 2017 Kimball Premier Partner Award.  CDI was selected among 52 other Kimball Select dealerships throughout the country for this industry-leading honor, earning additional praise for its company culture and enterprise practices.

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