Humanscale® Diffrient Smart™ Ocean | Reviving Our Oceans Chair by Chair

Did you know that 8 million tons of plastic waste pollute our oceans each year? According to a new report by World Animal Protection, abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear has been identified as the most harmful form of ocean plastic pollution and is responsible for nearly 10%, roughly 700,000 tons, of yearly ocean pollution totals. Fishing debris can entangle and kill marine life and is often washed onto reefs, damaging and destroying the fragile ecosystems that human beings rely on for survival. Unless major preventative action isn’t taken, the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean could triple by the year 2050.

Image Source: Bureo Net Positiva Program
Image Source: Bureo Net Positiva Program

In an effort to heal and protect our oceans, Humanscale has partnered with Bureo’s Net Positiva, a recycling program in Chile that is on a mission to find innovative solutions that recycle discarded fishing nets. Through this partnership, Humanscale has sourced recycled fishing net material to create its new Diffrient Smart Ocean task chair. The chair is the first ever of its kind, incorporating almost 2 pounds of recycled fishing net materials, and is Living Product Challenge-certified, meeting rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria and improving the quality of our world’s ecosystems. Humanscale was actually the first company in the world to receive full certification in September 2016 by the Living Product Challenge. The Smart Ocean task chair features the same timeless design as the original Diffrient Smart chair, offering a wide range of ergonomic features and options that will meet the needs of any user.

“Focused on scaling and replicating our programs to collect and recycle discarded fishing nets, we strongly believe in the force of collaboration to align initiative and expand impacts. The result is measurable and outcomes tangible as we work to prevent waste in our waterways and oceans.”

David Stover, Bureo Co-Founder and CEO

CDI Features Humanscale Diffrient Smart Ocean Task Chair

Design Features

  • Exceptionally clean aesthetic that is free of manual controls
  • Tri-panel mesh backrest provides automatic lumbar support
  • Weight-sensitive, mechanism-free recline
  • 15 year warranty
  • Available in 2 versions, the Diffrient Smart and SmartPlus, the latter of which provides a wider seat and additional support

Details & Options

  • Wide range of textiles, matching or contrasting stitch finishing and backrest meshes
  • Technogel cushions maximize weight distribution
  • Height-adjustable (standard Smart only) or 4D adjustable arms
  • Plastic base (standard Smart only) or aluminum base
  • Black finish with black or brushed aluminum trim OR gray finish with brushed aluminum trim

For a complete listing of design features and details, view the Diffrient Smart brochure.

CDI Features Humanscale Diffrient Smart Ocean Task Chair

A Focus on Sustainability 

In addition to being Living Product Challenge-certified, it is important to note that the Diffrient Smart chair’s lightweight design minimizes the environmental impact of its shipping. Through the use of highly recyclable materials and a modular design, users are able to dissemble and maintain their Diffrient Smart chair rather than replace the piece in its entirety. Diffrient Smart chairs are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality, GREENGUARD Gold and level® 2 certified.

Humanscale’s Diffrient Smart Ocean task chair includes ergonomic features that are included within section 73 of the International WELL Building Institute’s Standard, which explores seven core concepts of health and hundreds of design features. Incorporating ergonomically-focused furniture, such as the Diffrient Smart Ocean, can provide a healthy workplace for employees and aid you in your journey towards achieving WELL Certification.

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