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If you’re unfamiliar with environmental graphic design (EGD), chances are you may be envisioning serene outdoor landscapes or biophilic touches within interior spaces. Contrary to what the title may have you believe, however, the professional field encompasses far more than scenes of mother nature. EGD, also known as experiential graphic design, communicates a story within the built environment, lending a valuable hand in conveying a specific visual message or creating a distinct human experience. The multidimensional field merges many design disciplines, including architectural, interior, landscape and graphic design, in order to effectively connect people to place. Regardless of your market or organizational objectives, effective EGD strategy and execution can help enhance the workplace experience and shape a positive company culture. Let’s take a look at a few common types of EGD that can help evoke the desired responses within your organization.

CDI Features Environmental Graphic Design
Image Source: Wilson Sporting Goods Offices in Chicago, IL

Types of Environmental Graphic Design


An organization’s built environment is the primary point of engagement with its brand’s identity. Environmental graphics help to bring this three-dimensional space to life, informing users of where they are and what they are supposed to do within that space. Whether it be a large logo within the building entryway or a listing of core company values on a lobby wall, strategic depictions of brand identity eliminate confusion and instill a sense of comfort and belonging within employees and guests. Other examples of branding related graphic elements include timelines that pinpoint important events since an organization’s inception and area maps that indicate other company locations.

CDI Features Environmental Graphic Design
Office Snapshots (Clockwise from Top): Bumble HQ in Austin, TX; Truth Initiative Offices in Washington DC; Fashionphile Offices in Carlsbad, CA

Signs & Wayfinding

The approach of signs and wayfinding within EGD can be thought of as giving directions throughout a building. Through clear and concise design elements, companies alleviate user frustration and help them painlessly navigate their surroundings. Think of how difficult it would be to make your way through hospitals, airports or shopping malls without any directional signage.  Regardless of facility size, tactical EGD integration improves efficiency and creates a simpler, more enjoyable journey. Map design, identification and informational signs, symbols and colors are all ways in which to enhance the wayfinding experience. Check out a few examples below of how signage can help employees and guests identify conference rooms, storage lockers, private phone booths and other destinations within a location.

CDI Features Environmental Graphic Design
Office Snapshots (Clockwise from Top Left): Vision Australia in Melboune; Workshop Offices in Singapore; Techspace Kreuzberg Coworking Offices in Berlin, Germany; VF Offices in Santiago, Chile

Wall & Glass Graphics

Wall and glass graphics, while extremely diverse and unique, are a direct extension of your brand identity and play a powerful role in the user experience. Each piece should work cohesively to convey a message, feeling or impression. Healthcare facilities often utilize graphic and design elements that elicit a calming response, such a soothing color tones and peaceful natural landscapes, all of which help connect patients to a space that comforts and heals. Educational organizations will want EGD that inspires students and boosts creativity, harnessing the effects of vibrant colors or dynamic digital technology. Commercial clients will utilize innovative graphic elements that silently celebrate the company’s identity while creating a sense of belonging for both employees and visitors. Whether you are designing an inspirational space for daily users or creating a lasting first impression for guests, purposeful and relevant EGD will help organizations construct their ideal company culture.

CDI Features Environmental Graphic Design
Office Snapshots (Clockwise from Top Left): ViaSat in Austin, TX; Workshop Offices in Singapore; Amobee in Sydney, Australia; Sberbank HQ in Moscow, Russia

Environmental Graphic Design within CDI

CDI has incorporated numerous EGD touches within its facility in order to create a positive, inspirational experience for employees and guests. Digital wallcoverings within conference and breakout rooms delineate locations for meeting and mirror the artistic aesthetic that our organization wishes to exude. Not only do these areas provide creativity and comfort for employees, they showcase to our clients the transformative power of environmental graphics within the workplace.

CDI Features Environmental Graphic Design
CDI Headquarters

Creating a Unique Connection

Strategic environmental graphic design elements have the power to positively connect people to a place and shape an organization’s desired culture. Modern technology has given today’s markets the opportunity to enhance the user experience, whether it be through signs and wayfinding, branding or other graphic applications. If you recognize the opportunity to enrich your facility’s visual experience, contact the CDI team for guidance on how to bring your space to life and create a beneficial connection with users.

Featured Image Source: Office Snapshots, ViaSat Offices in Austin, TX

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