7 Cost Effective Ways to Improve Office Aesthetic

It comes as no surprise that workplace design is a critical component of company success. We have touched on a multitude of trends and topics which yield personal and organizational benefits in previous blog posts, including integrated technology, environmental graphic design, workplace acoustics and many more. While design components like these are essential for a successful and productive workplace, it is important not to overlook even the smallest of elements that can play a monumental role in office aesthetic and appeal. Through a strategically cohesive and clean office, companies can positively influence employee attraction and retention, health and well-being, as well as creativity. Let’s walk through a few design strategies are both simple and cost effective.

CDI Features Ways to Improve Office Aesthetic
Image Source: Kimball Showroom in Chicago, IL

Standardizing Office Cleanliness

Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to improve office aesthetics is to create policies that keep workstations and communal areas tidy. Enforcing a ‘no eating at desks’ policy, for example, helps keep garbage in its proper place and crumbs off the floor and workstation. Encouraging workers to store jackets and bags in the communal office closet or within their personal wardrobe ensures that clutter is kept to a minimum. And let’s not forget the tangle of cords that so often overruns our desks and meeting tables. Exploring cord management methods keeps employees working efficiently around the office and can radically improve the aesthetic of workstations, conference rooms and collaboration areas.


We’ve discussed the extraordinary benefits of biophilic design on the blog before, but this is another easy way in which to improve office aesthetic. Incorporating planters, a living wall or even natural graphics are all methods of bridging the gap between the great outdoors and our interior environment. Peter Pepper Products, Landscape Forms® and The Magnuson Group all offer a wide range of planters that can bring a healthy splash of greenery into the workplace. BuzziSpace won an Interior Design HiP award at NeoCon 2018 for BuzziMood, a moss wall application that boasts both acoustical and biophilic benefits. And for those that would prefer to skip plant care and maintenance,  manufacturers like Koroseal offer playful fabric and textile wallcoverings along with digital prints that bring a touch of mother nature into the office. If you are unfamiliar with the breadth of benefits that biophilia can bring to employees, guests and organizations as a whole, be sure to read more on our blog post.

CDI Features Ways to Improve Office Aesthetic
Image Source: Office Snapshots, Digital Media Company HQ in NYC


The best offices aren’t only functional and pristine, they serve as the heart of your company culture and should tell a story to all who pass through. Personal touches that embody your brand and remind employees and guests of your goals and history will help create a sense of connection. These accessories don’t need to be excessive or expensive. An accent wall with your company logo, small handmade items that have meaning or photographs are great places to start. Even paper management tools like Kimball’s Perks® collection are methods in which employers and employees can personalize collaboration areas and workstations.


In addition to its physiological and psychological benefits, strategic lighting within the workplace can positively influence office appeal. Neither employees nor guests want to spend their time in a dimly lit, dreary office. Replacing fluorescent lights with soft colored bulbs and personal lamps boosts workplace ambiance and creates a more inviting atmosphere for employees and guests. Koncept offers unique desk, floor and ceiling light fixtures that can be utilized throughout the office to build a unified aesthetic. Humanscale®’s task lights were designed to reduce eye strain, improve computer-based reading comfort and they feature a sustainable design that reduces energy use. Not only should organizations remain conscious of their artificial lighting choices, but studies have shown how crucial natural light access is for those working indoors. Relocating furniture that obstructs windows and allowing natural light to permeate your space will have a direct impact on employee focus, mood and morale. Read more on the plentiful benefits of natural light on the CDI blog.

CDI Features Ways to Improve Office Aesthetic
Image Source: Office Snapshots, Homepolish Offices in NYC

Swapping Out ‘Corporate Artwork’

Avoiding stereotypical corporate artwork is a simple way in which to maintain a desirable office aesthetic and appeal. You don’t need to rely on inspirational quotes or those popular posters of mountain climbers and marathon runners to evoke motivation. There are far better alternatives within your budget that can elicit the desired response. Great American Art™ offers thousands of fine art pieces and photography options for your space. Looking past traditional paintings or prints, environmental graphic design (EGD) elements can also provide a welcome replacement for stuffy corporate artwork. Wall and glass graphics fall under the umbrella of EGD and can be utilized to create a dynamic environment that connects people to a space. You can read more about EGD and other environmental design methods here.

Health & Wellness

The promotion of health and wellness within the office goes a long way in overall workplace appeal. Nutritious food and drink options, filtered water stations and even hand sanitizing dispensers are all examples of organizational investment in employee and guest health. Hospitality hubs are a perfect location to offer such amenities while also providing a retreat from monotonous desk work and collaboration opportunities. You can read more on how to create your own hospitality hub on the CDI blog.

CDI Features Ways to Improve Office Aesthetic
Image Source: Office Snapshots, Honest Company Offices in Los Angeles, CA

Seating Choices

Last but not least, adding aesthetically cohesive seating choices that offer ergonomic benefits to employees and guests is a great way in which to enhance your office appeal. Remember that one size never fits all, so offering chair options with similar design elements and a wide range of adjustments will provide workers the opportunity to find their most comfortable environment. The Kimball Joya™, Humanscale Freedom® and Sit On It Torsa are all ergonomically friendly seating options that can be customized to meet your office aesthetic and offer users customization throughout their day.

Creating a Polished Workplace

Regardless of your brand or company objectives, creating an aesthetically beautiful workplace has incredible benefits. Not only will these cost effective tips and tricks create a lasting first impression for visitors, going the extra mile in designing your space will help employees work and feel better. Reach out to the CDI team for further guidance in implementing these methods and for additional thought starters on creating your most polished office.

Featured Image: Office Snapshots, Bombas Offices in NYC

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