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Employers are constantly searching for new ways to improve efficiency. As a majority of employees continue to spend their days within the office, building a highly adaptable workspace can benefit both the individual and the organization. Wireless charging stations, mobile utility carts and sit-to-stand tables are just a few easily integrated products that will enhance the user experience and play a positive role in productivity. Let’s explore a variety of tools and accessories that can positively impact your team and their work.

Efficiency Tools for the Workplace


Regardless of organization function, tables are a necessity for workplace productivity. Work tables, like those from Kimball, David Edward and OFS, allow you to outfit conference rooms, collaborative spaces and multipurpose areas with classic and modern styles to create the aesthetic you desire. Kimball Dock® Work Tables can be outfitted with power at seated- or standing-height. Bernhardt’s Power Bar and the OFS Kintra provide a convenient location for employees to plug-in and engage. Allermuir’s Silta brings an industrial design to the office with convenient additions like bag hooks.

CDI Features Ancillary Products for Improved Efficiency
Shown Above: OFS Kintra 

Even greater flexibility can be achieved with multi-purpose tables like those from Global, The Senator Group and Symmetry. These tables are ideal for collaborative, training, classroom or conference environments, saving time and space with their ability to be quickly assembled, rearranged, stacked and stored. Kimball’s Dock® Training table and Global’s 2gether offer an optional modesty panel, while Senator’s Pivot and Symmetry’s Flip Top T boast simple functionality for a multitude of requirements.

Pull-up tables give users freedom to move about their space and focus when needed. Classic designs from OFS, Source International and Allermuir are easily mixed and matched with your office aesthetic and offer transient workers the mobility they desire.

CDI Features Ancillary Accessories for Improved Efficiency
Shown Above: Kimball Dock Training Tables


Storage elements have adapted with modern times and now provide greater customization, adapting to various price points and serving more functions. Watson offers a wide variety of storage components, including credenzas, wardrobes, lockers and mobile pedestals, all of which can be coordinated to ensure aesthetic cohesiveness and seamless integration. Kimball’s Footprint® collection is a universal office solution, complete with worksurfaces, support elements, storage components and mobile units. Footprint’s pieces can configured and reconfigured to meet the goals of your workspace, offering employees flexibility and privacy throughout the office. Kimball Alterna®, a collection designed to support the evolving healthcare landscape, boasts seamless and durable solutions for the entire facility. Alterna offers storage pieces in an array of styles and sizes, such as employee lockers and patient room cabinets, that protect the belongings of patients, families and caregivers. LaCasse’s Metal Storage Collection and Great Openings’ Trace® also offer seamless storage elements in a wide variety of colors and sizes for individual or communal environments. 

CDI Features Ancillary Accessories for Improved Efficiency
Shown Above: Watson Zo Zone Lockers


Technological tools and accessories are critical to efficiency in today’s office. Whether at their desks, collaborating in conference rooms or relaxing in third spaces, employees desire connectivity and the means to remain mobile. We have previously discussed the benefits of integrated technology on the blog, but there are plenty of other ancillary accessories that support connectivity. Kimball’s Teem® supports all kinds of interactions, from impromptu conversations to group meetings where technology is needed. Both sides of the media cabinet can be outfitted with monitors or marker boards and table tops can be equipped with power and data centers. Choice in table height and shape offer aesthetic customization, while cable management panels keep the area clean. 

CDI Features Ancillary Products for Improved Efficiency
Shown Above: Kimball Teem

Kimball’s Xsede® Media Cart makes it easy to collaborate and share on the go, equipped with marker boards on both sides or a marker board on one side and monitor on the other. Casters, storage cabinets and integrated cord management make this a perfect tool for individuals or teams throughout the office. For those employees looking to boost connectivity at their desks, Humanscale’s M/Connect™ is a USB 3.0, dual-video docking station that gives easy access to user ports while eliminating cable clutter. The manufacturer’s M/Power™ charging station is another option that saves valuable desktop space and improves the computing experience by offering instant access to charging ports and a headphone/microphone jack.

While furniture is often equipped with integrated technology, stand-alone charging units are a wise investment for the workplace, ensuring access to power and creating a more seamless employee experience. ESI’s FlexCharge, the OFS Isle and Kimball’s Jolt  offer charge for a variety of devices and allows workers to move freely about the office with connectivity. Mockett also offers a range of wireless chargers for those that would prefer a cordless process.

CDI Features Ancillary Products for Improved Efficiency


While we have previously tackled the critical topic of office ergonomics on the blog, there are plenty of ergonomically friendly solutions that can be easily incorporated into the office. Humanscale’s QuickStand® seamlessly transforms any static desk into an active one, promoting well-being and productivity. The QuickStand neatly attaches to the back of any work surface and boasts a plug-and-play cable management system. Humanscale also offers a variety of monitor arms and integrated docking stations (previously discussed M/Connect and M/Power) that support a healthier, more agile workplace. 

A majority of manufacturers now offer sit-to-stand desks, allowing users to raise or lower their worksurface and supporting fluid, natural movement throughout the day. Kimball’s Xsede Height Adjust is an established staple in today’s workplace, giving employees ergonomically-friendly benches and tables that are outfitted with power and customizable components. Workrite’s sit-stand desk offering features a wide selection of deign options as well as the flexibility to mix and match features in order to build a desk around any application or budget.

CDI Features Ancillary Products for Improved Efficiency
Shown Above: Kimball Xsede Height Adjust

Other Accessories

There are plenty of other ancillary accessories that don’t fall into the previously outlined categories. Watson Markerboards and Hightower’s Chat Board Mobile offer simple means with which to share ideas around the office. Peter Pepper’s Parallel collection of writable and tackable surfaces supports communication, display and storage for corporate facilities, individual offices and healthcare environments. Clarus Glassboard products feature a wide range of multi-functional surfaces with which employees can use as a writing tool, projection surface or even an acoustical barrier. Hightower and Workrite offer space and privacy dividers that can be easily integrated into personal and public areas to minimize distractions.  And finally, Kimball Perks® is a collection of accessory trays, desk lighting, slant and vertical sorters, name plates and more, reminding us that efficiency can be boosted with even the smallest of details. 

CDI Feature Ancillary Accessories for Improved Efficiency
Shown Above: Clarus Glassboards Flip

Accessorizing Your Space

The accessories and tools with which organizations choose to boost employee efficiency will vary, but these products are a great place to begin. From height-adjustable tables to wireless charging stations, personal storage lockers to mobile marker boards, even the smallest details can play an influential role in individual and organizational productivity. Contact the CDI team for additional idea starters and further guidance in building your adaptable workspace.


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