Kimball Helio™ | Visual Minimalism for Maximum Well-Being

Kimball recently announced the newest addition to their already diverse seating portfolio. Designed with a perfect balance of visual continuity and personal comfort, Helio™ seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. Its minimalistic structure gives users unobstructed access to natural light and air, as well as freedom of movement with ergonomic controls. Helio’s back is constructed with durable, cross-woven nylon that provides support while maintaining clean lines. Features such as contrast stitching and polished aluminum details lend further sophistication to the collection. Regardless of application, Helio minimizes visual distraction for maximum well-being.

CDI Features Kimball Helio

Features & Options

  • Translucent white and semi-translucent black, cross-woven nylon back material allow light to pass through
  • Polished aluminum details
  • Contoured seat and lower back lumbar support
  • Standard adjustable seat height, seat depth and a self-balancing, 4-position synchro lock
  • Height-adjustable arms available with side-to-side adjustable arm pads or fully adjustable arm pads
  • Static C-Arm caps available in white or black with durable, transparent PU cap
  • Low profile controls reduce visible levers
  • Black or white headrest optional for any model
  • Foot ring on sit-to-stand and stool models features a simple hand-adjusted level for easy positioning

For a complete listing of features, options and details, view the Helio brochure. You can also page through Helio’s flipbook for more information on its design story.

CDI Features Kimball Helio

Designing for Well-Being and Harmony

Minimal, simplistic design isn’t always about making an aesthetic statement. Kimball’s approach for Helio was to design a chair that would blend in with its surroundings, rather than become a focal point within the built environment. Recent studies support the fact that regular exposure to natural light and biophilia within interior spaces boost worker well-being and productivity. Understanding the considerable impact these elements have on performance, Kimball developed a seating solution that would allow unobstructed access to daylight and nature while elevating the employee experience. Follow the link to learn more about how Helio optimizes well-being and harmony within workspaces.

Try the Helio Configurator

Kimball gives designers and end-users the ability to customize their Helio and see immediate results in appearance. The online configuration tool allows you to walk through frame options, upholstery grades and patterns, base finishes and more, all while seeing step-by-step changes in pricing and a 360-degree view of your personalized product. Not only does this easily-navigated tool provide a more comprehensive understanding of all the ergonomic features Helio has to offer, but it brings customizable comfort right to your fingertips.



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