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Noise pollution in open offices has reached epidemic levels, according to a recent study from Oxford Economics. Their interview of 500 senior executives and non-manager employees across multiple industries found that only 1% of workers are able to block out distractions and concentrate without taking extra steps in the office. While findings recognized the negative impact that noise and distraction play on employee wellness and productivity, a mere 6% of executives report having equipped their office with noise mitigating features. As office walls come down and noise levels continue to rise, what steps can be taken to boost employee productivity and retention?

It may seem counterintuitive to add sound to make a space seem quieter, but sound masking does just that. Sound masking is an ambient sound, similar to the sound of airflow, that is specifically engineered to match the frequency of human speech to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy and improve workplace acoustics. Modern systems have gone well-beyond simple white noise machines, evenly distributing electronically produced sound through speakers placed above the ceiling. Effects of these systems are largely unconscious, but in offices where masking is in use, it feels easier to speak at normal volume and work without disruption. Architects have turned to sound masking to override sounds that can’t be absorbed or blocked by acoustical design elements, like those we have discussed on the blog. Others have installed systems in quiet environments so that employees feel comfortable speaking at normal levels while maintaining speech privacy. Regardless of organization function, research is on the rise for greater consideration of acoustical elements in workplace design and sound masking systems are a wise investment in employee comfortability and productivity.

CDI Features Sound Masking Systems
Image Source: Johns Hopkins University Tech Ventures Offices in Baltimore, MD

Lencore Sound Masking

Lencore engineers some of the most sophisticated sound masking and paging systems in the industry, creating more privacy, greater comfort and better safety for today’s environments. Offering two, innovative sound masking solutions that can be tailored for each unique customer application, Lencore understands that acoustical comfort is critical to a safe and productive workplace. Let’s take a closer look at the manufacturer’s two systems and their industry-leading features.

Spectra® Classic

Lencore’s Spectra® Classic is the most advanced self-contained sound masking and paging system in the industry, uniquely addressing speech privacy, masking, paging and audio requirements for today’s facilities. This low voltage, energy efficient system is ideal for projects from 2,500 – 20,000 square feet and requires no on-going maintenance. A quick and simple installation process positions sound masking units in a grid pattern above the ceiling tile for maximum coverage and uniformity. The system’s flexible design then allows users a tremendous amount of acoustic control for collaborative or individual spaces. View the Spectra Classic brochure for a complete listing of features and details.

Spectra Classic Features

  • Superior sound quality and uniformity that provides speech privacy and comfort
  • Award-winning broadband sound
  • Complete system customization
  • Energy efficient and low voltage
  • Over 50% recycled content

Spectra Classic Advantages

  • Simple to install, tune and use
  • Quantifiable ROI
  • 10-year full warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

CDI Features Lencore Sound Masking
Image Source: Office Snapshots, AirBnB HQ in San Francisco, CA

i.Net® Sound Masking

The sophisticated i.Net® Sound Masking offers virtually limitless zoning capabilities, plug and play speaker options as well central system controls. With superior sound quality and unmatched speaker design, the system successfully masks intrusive speech, creates privacy and delivers intelligible paging and audio solutions. Not only does i.Net let you customize your environment like no other available system, it outperforms its competition in both speech privacy and comfort. View the i.Net brochure for a complete listing of features and details.

i.Net Features

  • Superior sound quality and uniformity that provides speech privacy and comfort
  • Single point of control for complete system access, viewing and reporting
  • Control options via PC, touch pad, remote control and tablet applications
  • Open platform system design that easily integrates with building systems
  • Adaptive equalization

i.Net Advantages

  • Unrivaled sound quality and speaker design
  • Requires no proprietary software or cabling
  • Ease of use, installation and tuning
  • Ability to integrate and provide mass notification systems
  • Detailed diagnostics and reporting
  • 10-year full warranty

CDI Features Lencore Sound Masking
Image Source: Office Snapshots, AirBnB HQ in San Francisco, CA

Workplace Comfort

As the open-plan office continues to popularize, organizations must take steps in overcoming the negative effects of noise pollution. Investing in sound masking for your facility is a simple, yet effective way to improve acoustic comfort for your employees and keep them working efficiently. Contact the CDI team for additional information on sound masking systems and how they can positively affect your organization.

CDI Features Lencore Sound Masking


Featured Image Source: Office Snapshots, Johns Hopkins University Tech Ventures Offices in Baltimore, MD

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