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We all seek solitude in the workplace, but is it obtainable in today’s open office? Increased collaboration and communication among employees, as well as significantly reduced overhead costs, have led to the widespread adoption of open concepts. We’ve discussed this popular trend on the blog, along with a serious cause for concern when implementing it: NOISE. Rampant noise and unfiltered distractions can negatively affect individual and organizational productivity, office morale and even employee health and wellness. The recognition of this issue, however, has given rise to a flurry of innovative design elements that offer acoustic privacy, many of which were on display at the 2019 NeoCon shows. Soundproof booths, one of the most popular privacy solutions this year, adorned a multitude of Merchandise Mart showrooms. Equipped with integrated technology, ventilation systems and customizable aesthetics, these modular booths can easily be integrated into the workplace to boost flexibility and offer employees the solitude they desire. Let’s take a look at several manufacturers that have addressed today’s demanding work environments with diverse offerings of privacy booths.


A pioneer in acoustics, SilentLab designs sustainable sound solutions for the modern workplace. Production facilities in the Czech Republic manufacture acoustic wall and ceiling hangings, stools, partitions and unique, soundproof mobile offices. Their MICROOFFICE collection, which features four styles of self-contained private workspaces, is ready for use in any office and eliminates the need for structural modifications or renovations. Minimalist design coupled with unparalleled acoustics ensure privacy while blending seamlessly with its environment. In addition to each styles’ unique features, all four MICROOFFICE solutions feature the following design details:

  • Iconic design
  • Revolutionary ventilation system
  • Virtually soundproof
  • Sophisticated details
  • Top-tier materials

Explore the PRIME, UNIQ, CUBIQ and QUADRIO MICROOFFICES by following this link.

CDI Features Privacy Booths


Designed and built in the U.S., Zonez is another resource for modular privacy suites and phone booths that provide visual and acoustical seclusion. All concentration, conversation and collaboration suites are built with recyclable materials and boast quick installation for minimal disruption. Users can customize the performance and aesthetics of their suites for ultimate flexibility, including optional windows or solid walls, white boards, image-printing on surfaces and video conferencing systems. Zonez also offers ADA-Compliant Conversation Suites that provide single users with disabilities the privacy they desire.

All Zonez privacy solutions feature the following design details:

  • Engineered ventilation fan
  • Automatic, motion sensor lights
  • Automatic, soft-closing door
  • Built-in power outlets and USB ports

Take a closer look at Zonez’s offering of product suites by following this link.

CDI Features Privacy Booths
Clockwise from Top: 4 x 4 Concentration Suite, 8 x 4 Conversation Suite, 6 x 6 ADA Compliant Conversation Suite, 8 x 12 Collaboration Suite Conference Room


Trendway’s movable wall systems are another smart solution to the open plan spaces we work in today. A leading manufacturer in architectural products, Trendway offers three types of these highly flexible systems, each boasting undeniable benefits to an organization and its employees, as well as a commitment to sustainability. Whether you wish to create a private retreat for phone calls and focus work, small collaboration hubs, private offices or conference rooms, Trendway’s wall products integrate seamlessly with existing building interiors and systems furniture.

  • Simple construction and quick installations
  • Reconfiguration and reinstallation capabilities
  • Extreme design versatility
  • Cost comparative to traditional drywall construction

Follow this link to explore all three of Trendway’s movable wall systems on the blog.

CDI Features Privacy Booths
Clockwise from Left: Volo Wall, Clear Wall, TrendWall

Creating Your Private Retreat

Modern workplaces need to be flexible and able to respond to the shifting needs of an organization. Privacy solutions that are seamless, sustainable and simple, like those detailed here, will ensure that a balanced work environment is offered to our workforce, providing both the benefits of the open office and the solitude we all crave. Reach out to the Corporate Design Interiors’ team for additional information on privacy booths and guidance in creating a flexible retreat for your employees.

CDI Features Privacy Booths

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