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The impact of artwork in the workplace is often underestimated. Vibrant splashes of color in a painting can alter the mood of a collaboration area. A series of framed photographs can provide a talking point in an otherwise bland private office. The benefits of art, however, go far beyond aesthetics. Research studies conducted throughout the last decade have identified a multitude of ways – from the obvious to the unconscious – that installing thoughtfully-chosen art in the workplace can improve employee performance, mood and physical well-being, as well as cultivate corporate culture. In order to harness artwork’s bountiful benefits and elicit the desired visual experience for employees and guests, it is essential to understand its role and how best to select it for your facility. Let’s dive into recent research results and explain why partnering with Corporate Design Interiors’ experienced team is an important step in curating a beautiful and beneficial workplace.

CDI Features Artwork in the Workplace

Image Source: Kimball

The Benefits of Workplace Artwork

Workplace design matters. It is a hot topic in recent years that we highlighted and thoroughly discussed on the blog. Work takes up a lot of our time – an average of 110,000 hours over the course of a lifetime – and the walls within we spend it matter greatly. Capital One’s third annual Work Environment Survey, which queried 3,500 full-time office professionals for their thoughts and attitudes towards workplace design and employee experience, found that nearly all employees – 90% – agree that they perform their jobs better when their workplace is well designed. Thoughtfully curated amenities, tools and design elements, such as artwork, will positively impact employee satisfaction, creativity and productivity at work and build a strong organizational culture.

According to research conducted by Viking, which surveyed 1,500 British workers, as well as residents of Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, 54% of employees said art should be in every workplace. Because office space can often feel like a maze of desks, hallways and doors, installing meaningful artwork breaks up a sea of sameness and functions as a memorable tool for wayfinding and company branding. Art communicates a non-verbal message about an organization, relaying key brand messages to both employees and guests. For example, a company with rich, local history may choose to incorporate photographs or paintings that date back to its origins, telling a story of its evolution. Art also illustrates a collective identity, cultivating a unified culture within its walls that is evident to both employees and clients. Hospitals, physical therapy clinics and assisted living facilities are perfect examples of this, in which artwork serves a calming, rehabilitative purpose.

CDI Features Artwork in the Workplace
Image Source: Office Snapshots, PwC Experience Center in Chicago

In addition to the role artwork plays in cultivating company identity and culture, it has also been proven to improve employee performance, mood and physical well-being. Half of Viking’s surveyed professionals (50%) believe that art has a noticeable effect on reducing stress levels and 53% say that it makes them feel happier at work. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report goes on to state that data collected in 2014, 2015 and 2016 across 155 countries indicates that only 15% of employees are engaged in their job.  Employees that aren’t engaged in their work or company lack the psychological motivation that drives performance and innovation forward. The office can easily become a place of stress and exhaustion, with prolonged periods of highly-focused work draining energy levels and mood. Artwork, particularly nature scenes and depictions of biophilia, helps restore mental energy, reduce stress and boost overall performance. Organizations should also be cognizant of the fact that the use of color within the built environment can drive certain behaviors. High-wavelength colors, such as reds and oranges, are used to motivate and boost innovation. Low-wavelength colors, such as purples, blues and greens, promote thinking, creativity and performance while maintaining a tranquil ambiance through tough meetings and long stretches of heads-down work. Understanding the basics of color psychology and how you wish to shape employee performance and mood will aid in identifying and implementing an artwork color scheme that is beneficial for your business.

CDI Features Color in the Workplace
Image Source: CDI Showroom  

The Importance of Collaboration

Selecting artwork for your facility may seem daunting, especially if you understand the critical role it plays in employee performance and building a strong organizational culture. Collaborating with Corporate Design Interiors’ experienced team will ensure chosen artwork aligns with your facility’s existing design elements and company culture, and also elicits the desired response within employees and guests. We partner with several industry leading art vendors, including Great American Art (shown below), Art Expressions and Twylathat offer an extensive array of artwork spanning multiple genres and mediums, and includes limited editions and originals, and local and commissioned pieces. Whether it be sculpture, murals, fine art or photographic prints, or even branding art and graphics, CDI’s talented group of creatives and consultants will aid in the selection of artwork that reaps the many benefits we have outlined here.

CDI Features Artwork in the WorkplaceImage Source: Great American Art

Harnessing Artwork’s Benefits for Your Facility

Artwork is a powerful tool with which companies across all industries can cultivate a strong workplace culture and enhance both individual and organizational performance. Working with Corporate Design Interiors’ talented team will ensure that the necessary steps are taken in curating a beautiful, beneficial space for employees and guests. For more information on artwork’s role in the workplace or to schedule a consultation for your facility, contact our team via the link below.

CDI Features Artwork in the Workplace

Featured Image Source: Kimball Ambyint Case Study 

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