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Workplace design doesn’t have to be boring. And as we’ve discussed on the blog, the design elements we choose to incorporate certainly do matter. Now more than ever, the lines between work and home are blurring and employees crave environments that provide comfort and foster well-being. Small as they may be, pillows are the quickest and easiest way to add color, comfort and texture to the workplace. Dozens of furniture and fabric vendors offer decorative pillows, floor pillows and pillow covers in a full spectrum of  patterns and fabrics, alongside a wide range of luxurious pillows inserts. Whether you are looking to coordinate pillows into a future project or add flair to existing furniture pieces, working alongside a trusted design firm like Corporate Design Interiors can help you choose pillows that compliment your organization and its space. Let’s explore a few design details below to help illustrate how you can add a touch of home at work.

CDI Features Accent Pillows
Image Source: Office Snapshots, WeWork Waterhouse Square Coworking Offices in London


While our team typically works with three primary shapes – square, rectangle and bolster – custom shapes can be created, too. Common sizes of these shapes range anywhere from 16″ x 16″ – 24″ x 24″ squares, 10″ x 20″ – 11″ x 24″ rectangles and 6″ x  21″ bolsters. Each client and project is unique and their pillows will be too! Boxed pillows and cushions, spherical and triangular pillows, floor pillows and other forms can be specified to meet a wide range of needs and aesthetic preferences.


CDI Features Accent Pillows

OFS Chicago Showroom


Fabric selection may be the most time-consuming part of the pillow ordering process. Whether you choose to incorporate finished pillow designs or create your own with hand-selected materials, the possibilities are endless! From velvet to wool, artistic prints to elegant minimalism, we can help determine the most efficient fabric yield and complimentary color palettes from dozens of vendors.


Kimball Chicago Showroom, Knoll Luxe Arezzo Fabric in Dolce 

More Details 

Zippers, buttons, contrasting welts, multi-fabric designs and varied stitching are all ways in which you personalize your accent pillows and add style to a space. Unsure where to begin? Our team can help you select options that make your unique pillows perfect in design and construction.


Allermuir Tylus Collection

Personalized Workplace Comfort

While selecting pillows for your space may seem like an afterthought, these design elements help create a comfortable ambiance and healthy environment for employees and guests. In order to attract and retain talent and help them achieve the work-life balance they crave, we must remember that workplace design – pillows included – truly does matter. Follow the link below to contact a member of the Corporate Design Interiors’ team for guidance in creating a personalized workplace that empowers your employees to work happily and healthily.

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Featured Image Source: Kimball Chicago Showroom

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