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No other medium has as big of an influence on our bodies and minds as light. It is an environmental factor that directly contributes to comfort and enhanced productivity within the workplace. While we know that access to natural light is critical to employee health and well-being, natural light alone isn’t enough for most office-related tasks due to the wide variation of light intensity. In order to offer employees comprehensive ergonomic safety and avoid the negative health effects associated with poor lighting, including headache, eyestrain and even eye illness, adjustable task lighting can be incorporated into workspaces, directly targeting the individual needs of users. 

Humanscale’s innovative task lights were created with performance, simplicity and beauty as their drivers. Not only do they help reduce eye strain and discomfort, their sustainable design and advanced LED technology reduce energy costs and help companies shrink their carbon footprint. The manufacturer’s entire range of task lights are designed to last for 50,000 hours or 20 years of regular office use and can reduce overall energy costs by as much as 67%. Regardless of work surface or work style, Humanscale has a task light to fit your needs. Scroll down to explore a few of their highly-adaptable designs.

“Task lighting is often overlooked as an element of proper ergonomics. Eye strain can cause discomfort and therefore decreased productivity. By providing each individual with their own task light, the user has control over the amount and positioning to best fit their individual needs.”

Jen Kilp, Allied ASID, COEE, WELL AP, CDI Director of Design


Boasting best-in-class functionality and minimalist design, Humanscale’s Nova compliments any work surface and enhances any workstyle. Its custom lens and LED array create a uniform footprint of light that minimizes glare and can be adjusted exactly to the user’s preference. Each lamp also features Smart Dimming technology that automatically turns the light off when no movement is detected, conserving energy and costs.

  • Personal Control: ‘Forever Hinges’ allow for effortless movement and stability, while Touch Dimming allows for easily adjustable luminosity.
  • Long Lasting Sustainability: LEDs are guaranteed to last at least 50,000 hours and the fixture features an industry-leading 10 year, 24/7 warranty.
  • Energy Efficient: Nova features the industry’s highest efficiency LED chip and contributes to WELL, LEED and Living Building Challenge certifications. Requires only 7 watts to deliver 440 lumens of lights.
  • Endless Connectivity: Optional Desktop Charging Base features two USB port for convenient charging throughout the day.

View the Nova brochure for a complete listing of features and a closer look at its environmental story.

Horizon™ 2.0

Upon release in 2011, Horizon became the first table light to employ highly energy-efficient Thin Film LED Technology, earning it a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Humanscale has since improved Horizon’s iconic functionality, light quality and energy efficiency to ensure it remains an industry-leading lighting solution.

  • Exceptional Light Quality: Ultra-wide and glare-free, Horizon 2.0 casts a single shadow on surfaces and eliminates the need for additional task lighting.
  • Ergonomic and Adjustable: An internal counterbalance and adjustable steel ball joint provide effortless positioning and an impressive 15″ reach.
  • Highly Sustainable: Horizon 2.0 is PVC-free and Energy Star 2.0 certified, contributing to WELL, LEED and Living Building Challenge certifications. Delivers 52 lumens/watt.

View the Horizon 2.0 brochure for a complete listing of features and a closer look at its environmental story.


Sleek yet powerful, Humanscale’s Infinity is equipped with constant torque ‘Forever Hinges’ for fluid movement and effortless positioning. Its large-array, multi-chip LED provides long-lasting, high-quality light that casts a single shadow on the work surface. Available with customizable color finishes and a variety of base and mounting options, Infinity can be tailored to any workspace.

  • Superior Illumination: Infinity’s powerful 1500 lux illumination provides industry-leading output that is also energy-efficient. It also boasts 9 levels of brightness.
  • Ultimate Adaptability: An impressive 35″ arm reach and 180 degree arm and head rotation allow for fluid positioning.
  • Advanced User Interface: An illuminated indicator light appears when the user reaches for the light. After selecting preferred brightness level, indicator lights fade away.
  • Energy Efficient: Utilizes the highest efficiency LED chip available, using only 8 watts to deliver best-in-class lighting performance.

View the Infinity brochure for a complete listing of features and a closer look at its environmental story.

Humanscale’s Element Disc™, Element™ Vision and Element™ 790 round out the manufacturer’s impressive offering of innovative, energy-efficient task lights. Follow their respective links to learn more about these models and their features. 

CDI Features Humanscale Task Lighting

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