We feel that the overall success of a project is contingent upon clearly understanding our clients’ goals and objectives early in the planning process.  Initial meetings with the project team, including the end-user, the architect/designer, and the project manager, will focus on issues such as workplace productivity, functionality, design intent, corporate image, ergonomics, environmental concerns, budgetary requirements, and the project timeline.

At CDI we believe design, planning and value engineering are critical components in the success of every project. With the increasing cost of office space it is a must to plan your office space effectively. The CDI professional design staff is devoted to maximizing your office space without losing your design intent. Our staff of interior design professionals are trained and ready to work with you and your project team to help create a work environment which fits your corporate image and budget.

Corporate Design Interiors (CDI) is a full service, WBE certified, commercial furniture dealership able to design, specify, deliver and install projects of all sizes on a local, regional and national level. We provide value-added services beyond merely supplying furniture for your facility and bring passion, excitement, and creativity to the process.

CDI is a “Select” Kimball Office dealer. The “Select” status is Kimball’s premier dealer designation, which demonstrates dealership excellence in sales, service, financial stability, business processes and more.

CDI Showroom Video Tour

CDI Meet Our Team

CDI How Can We Help - Furniture Experts

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