NeoCon 2017 | The Future of Healthcare & Industry Trends

NeoCon 2017 Recap

The largest office furniture trade show in North America is a global platform for commercial interiors. Located at the Mart in Chicago, this year’s 49th annual event was held from June 12-14 and hosted 50,000 design professionals from around the world.  The event, known for its display of innovation, caters to vertical markets from hospitality to corporate and education to healthcare.


Healthcare is no different than any other market, as it’s incredibly important to consider trends – regardless the size of project. NeoCon showcased the newest up and coming trends, and although predictable they can be easily implemented and extremely influential to a facility’s successful business model.

 – Active Waiting Room –

Similar to commercial office environments, healthcare facilities are providing their patients with a variety of spaces to be productive while they wait. Standing height counters allow multiple visitors to plug-in; whether its to do their work, charge personal devices or even participate in healthcare provided educational programs. This type of work space can be flawlessly executed in an existing waiting space or incorporated into a brand new design.Kimball Health active waiting room

Kimball Health | Alterna

A new product launch for Kimball Health, the Alterna casework series has an endless amount of configurations and customization capabilities.  In comparison to the more predictable millwork solution in the healthcare arena, Alterna also boasts modularity.  It’s components can be easily modified without having to disrupt the surrounding environment and in turn create less down time, inspiring facility departments to implement it into their furniture standards.

And with a wide variety of materials and hardware options, this product can be designed for any healthcare facility, providing function for all types of spaces from waiting rooms to exam rooms to treatment bays.

Kimball | Pep Seating

The new side chair and stool duo from Kimball are stylish, comfortable and most importantly functional for any type of healthcare space.  Pep is light weight and it’s poly seat is easily cleanable, making it a dream for EVS staff.  The sled base stool, shown in the active waiting room, is the perfect solution for patients to plug-in and pull up to the counter. Its companion chair is available with a four-leg base, in the same poly colors, and looks lovely in a cafe environment.

Kimball Health | Spruce Occasional Tables

Also launched at this year’s NeoCon is the coordinating occasional table series within the Spruce Lounge collection.  Coffee and side tables are available in the same finishes and table top materials making this series a complete solution for healthcare waiting spaces.

Spruce lounge with occassional tablesThe solid surface top has an optional spill groove making it perfect for waiting room and patient spaces.  The Cupron solid surface, which continuously kills harmful bacteria within 2 hours of exposure, can be applied in areas of concern like high traffic spaces and Emergency Department waiting rooms. Cupron solid surface is shown below, in grey, on the Sanctuary bedside cabinet.

Wait times are unfortunately part of the operation, but facilities are recognizing that when their visitors are offered a variety of solutions to distract the mind, stress levels are reduced and overall patient satisfaction rates are increased.

– Mixed-Use Consultation Rooms –

Consultation spaces are being designed to support a variety of meeting types and allow patients to relax during stressful visits. Comfortable seating, positioned adjacent to an enclosed exam area, creates a place for patients and their loved ones to sit together while learning about diagnosis and treatment options. Chicago_2017_31a

Kimball | Pairings

The two seat lounge with 8″ arm is perfectly sized for family members to sit together, allowing room for one more to perch on the arm. Pairings can also be configured for spaces with limited privacy by adding the side and back panels. Coordinating occasional tables are also available.Pairings 2seater with coffee table

AllSeating|Foster Patient Rocker

Patients can find comfort in smaller scaled chairs, like rockers or gliders, in mixed-use consultation rooms. The newest addition to the Foster seating collection from AllSeating was highlighted at this year’s NeoCon. The Patient Chair with rocker base inspires a calming motion and has a relaxing effect.

Design professionals understand that with the correct material application, lounge furniture can also be utilized in exam rooms to provide comfort to patients and their loved ones. Environmentally conscious and high performance upholstery are abundant in the industry and Xorel, by Carnegie Fabrics, is one of the top contenders in the healthcare arena.  These plant-based textiles are embossed with new graphic patterns, creating depth and texture that can be applied as wallcoverings or upholstered on furniture.

Xorel|2017 Product Launches

By providing functional and comfortable seating for the medical professionals, patients and their loved ones, mixed use consultation rooms can satisfy a variety of different needs and allow healthcare facilities to maximize their square foot utilization.

– Hospitality-Driven Treatment Bays –

Depending on the treatment, patients are required to spend several hours sitting in their chair. This lengthy amount of time can increase the patient’s level of stress and cause further complications to their recovery.  Therefore, it is crucial to provide spaces that promote relaxation.  By taking cue from spa-like environments from the hospitality industry, treatment bays are being designed to minimize stress and encourage effective recuperation.

Infusion Bay _ Villa Health Sleep Sofa. Alterna. Sanctuary. Meadow

Kimball Health now has a full line of furniture that can be utilized in these types of spaces.  The Meadow patient recliner can be specified with a variety of different options, customizing the features to aid in the particular treatment type. The Villa Health Sleep Sofa provides seating and storage for family members to wait while their loved ones receive treatment. The newest product launch – Alterna – offers unlimited storage components, including locker spaces, open cubbies and wardrobes.  Wall mounted panels are available in coordinating finishes to help protect the wall from damage and make these spaces feel more hospitality-like.

Carolina | Saven Rocker

Saven Rocker

One of Carolina’s newest healthcare launches is the Saven Rocker. It was designed for mothers and their babies, but can provide a resting place that helps all types of patients restore through its gentle, soothing motion.  The adjustable arms make this chair comfortable for all body sizes and allows nursing staff to tend to patients more easily.

Concertex | 2017 product launches

Concertex released twelve new Phthalate Free Vinyls, with exclusive ClearShield™ + Graffiti-Free® Layers, that are perfect for all healthcare environments.  These soft-handed, coated fabrics are bleach cleanable have 500,000+ double rubs.

Applying hospitality design aesthetics into treatment spaces creates a calming environment, aids in the recovery process and enhances the overall patient experience.

These trends made their way into the 2017 NeoCon showrooms and although some are already available, many of these new products will emerge in the coming months.

For quick reference to the Kimball 2017 product launches – check out this quick look book: Fresh for 2017

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CDI is a cutting-edge commercial furniture dealership that believes thoughtful design and strategic planning are critical components in the success of every project. We can help companies achieve their business vision and goals and help maintain your workplace investment. CDI creates functional and inspiring interiors designed to foster employee well-being, productivity and engagement.

CDI is a “Select” Kimball Office dealer. The “Select” status is Kimball’s premier dealer designation, which demonstrates dealership excellence in sales, service, financial stability, business processes and more.

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NeoCon 2017 in Review

The 49th annual NeoCon has concluded and its 50,000+ attendees have returned home, eager for what the future holds in commercial interiors. As one of the largest and most pivotal furniture trade shows in North America, NeoCon showcases the latest products, ideas and industry trends. The event, held annually at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart from June 12-14, caters to an array of vertical markets and draws interior designers and architects from around the world.

Outlined below are four industry trends currently circulating throughout commercial design. We’ll touch on how these trends made their way into the 2017 NeoCon showrooms and the new products that will emerge in the coming months.

Industry Trends

CDI 2017 Neocon Review Trends Balance Within Office Culture.

Balance Within Office Culture
Work environments are becoming increasingly flexible in order to offer greater autonomy for today’s diverse workforce. Not everyone works the same way and providing a variety of options for differing work styles is vital to overall productivity and company success.

The opportunity to choose where and when to work, along with the availability of flexible and mobile work spaces, can lend a hand in helping employees find balance in the office. Changing requirements within the workplace require adaptable furniture. Modular soft seating, workbenches, desk pods, collaborative and breakout furniture, and acoustic elements are all examples of office furniture that boost a high performance in the adaptable workplace.

CDI 2017 Neocon Review Trends Health and Wellness 3

Health & Wellness
The health and well-being of employees is paramount when designing a work space as it can directly affect an organization’s productivity and overall moral. Designs that promote movement and foster social connection are key in building a healthy, employee-centric environment.

An increasing number of businesses are also taking cues from nature and incorporating biophilic design into their work spaces to increase overall employee health and wellness. Studies have shown that integrating natural light and materials, views of the outdoors, and greenery into a modern built environment is a great way to refresh a work space and help occupants feel invigorated. Not only is the use of biophilic design mentally beneficial, it also impacts employee physical wellness by improving air quality, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure levels and heart rates.

CDI 2017 Neocon Review Trends Multi-Generations in the Workplace. In creating an inclusive culture to meet the needs of each age group and thus encouraging engagement, collaboration, and learning, organizations can more effectively attract and retain employees of all generations.

Multi-Generations in the Workplace
Employee engagement plays a key role in achieving overall organizational success in the multi-generational workforce. While most businesses realize the importance of engagement, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that three-quarters of surveyed business leaders noted their employees were not highly engaged. For an organization to cater to employees of varied ages and create engagement, it is important that their work space does the following;

  • Allows flexibility and mobility in work styles
  • Celebrates individual and team contributions
  • Provides opportunities for engagement and spaces for collaborations
  • Provides a third space for relaxed interaction and independent work
  • Clearly communicates organizational goals or objectives

In creating an inclusive culture to meet the needs of each age group and thus encouraging engagement, collaboration, and learning, organizations can more effectively attract and retain employees of all generations.

CDI 2017 Neocon Review Trends Technology

The ever-evolving category of technology continues to play an indispensable role in our lives, both at home and at work. With wireless charging technology becoming popular and the availability of furniture that allows seamless technology integration, work spaces are becoming increasingly connected and functional. The importance of this sector and the solutions it offers will certainly see an uprise, especially as younger generations continue to flood the workforce.

Furniture & Showroom Trends

CDI 2017 Neocon Review Furniture & Showroom Trends

The 2017 NeoCon showrooms were, as always, flooded with eye-catching furniture with a focus on ancillary pieces. Shades of plum and blushing pinks were draped throughout multiple vendor spaces, while boutique-like bronze and gold finishes also started to make an appearance. Modular designs and various touch-down areas encouraged mobile and flexible work styles. Work stations and collaboration areas were heavily personalized with paper management, accessories, and various lighting options; all highlighting the industry’s shifting focus to ancillary options.

Here are a few examples of how vendors incorporated industry trends in their showrooms.

Kimball incorporated a little bit of everything in their North Wells Street showroom. They showed off resimercial furniture with their Boyd and Bloom Lounge lines, desktop ancillary options, and integrated technology throughout many of their seating, desk and table options. We tried out the Pairings Lounge chairs with tech arms and found they offered just the right amount of privacy and convenient integrated technology in case our cell phones needed a quick boost.  The living wall within the hospitality area quite literally offered a breath of fresh air.

CDI at Kimball Office Chicago Showroom: Living Wall; Villa, Dock, Pep, & Custom Bars; Pairings & Dwell

A bright palette of colors and clean geometric shapes welcomed us into the Allermuir showroom. Show attendees were perched on every inch of the Paver Sofa System, demonstrating its use as a flexible and collaborative work space. The newly introduced Tarry lounge chair offered a sense of privacy and relaxation in an otherwise boisterous showroom. Multiple industry trends could be witnessed throughout the space, including modular soft seating, black furniture frames, and various touch down areas that welcomed a variety of work styles.

CDI at Allermuir Chicago Showroom: Paver Sofa System, Famiglia Chair, Mozaik Tables

JSI Furniture
The JSI showroom brought the feeling of home into the work environment, offering a contemporary, free-standing lounge collection with residential styling aesthetics. We felt inclined to sit back and relax in the new Indie lounge pieces and rest our tired feet on one of the many colorful, plush poufs that were scattered throughout the space. JSI showcased the industry’s focus on ancillary option with a display of hanging magazine pouches, lighting options, mobile purse hooks and flush, mounted marker boards. Freestanding privacy panels depicted a sense of seclusion, creating a “space within a space.”

CDI at JSI Furniture Chicago Showroom: Indie Lounge. Moto Lounge, and Accessories

Mayline – Safco
Bold orange chairs and accessories lined the Mayline-Safco showroom. A mix of traditional worksurfaces and innovative pieces were illustrated to encourage movement and collaboration. The newly unveiled Atmosphere Collection, which includes modular seating, benches and individual chairs, faciliates engagement and the freedom to flow seamlessly from meeting to relaxation. With a robust Active Collection and a wide variety of furniture options, Mayline-Safco has everything needed to make a smooth and stylish transition between spaces and postures throughout the day.

CDI at Mayline-Safco Chicago Showroom: Zenergy Swivel, Anywhere Table & Swivel Keg

Pops of vibrant orange and yellow invigorated our senses in the Global showroom, where space utilization and flexibility was the goal. The newly introduced Global Duet stacking table offers the optimal flexibility in a learning or training environment, speaking to both the education and corporate markets. Paired with the Popcorn chair in the showroom, the tables are lightweight, easily stacked and can be specified to gang together. A pair of bold, yellow Vitrola chairs with matching accent pillows followed the resimerical trend with its classic, finely tailored design. The River Personal Harbor, a new addition to the River series, has the ability to integrate power and provide a feeling of privacy, giving users the option of mobility throughout their workday.


New Product Review


Kimball New Product Review by CDI: Nash Stool, Lusso Chair, Narrate/Theo Lounge Chair(clockwise from top left) Nash Stool, Lusso Chair, Narrate/Theo Lounge Chair

Kimball New Product Review by CDI: Pairings Perch, fiXt Table/Dwell Ottomans(from top) Pairings Perch, fiXt Table/Dwell Ottomans


Allermuir New Product Review by CDI: Famiglia Soft Seating, Tarry Lounge Chair, Mote Credenza, Jinx Soft Seating(clockwise from top) Famiglia Soft Seating, Tarry Lounge Chair, Mote Credenza, Jinx Soft Seating


JSI New Product Review by CDI: Indie Lounge Collection (tables, pillows, seating, poufs) and Bourne Stools(clockwise from top left) Indie Lounge Collection: Lamp Table, Single Seat Leg Lounge/Accent Pillows/Triangle Table, Round Pouf, Low Lounge/Two Seat Leg Lounge/Triangle Pouf/Bourne Stools


Stylex New Product Review by CDI: Ridge Guest Chair, NYC Standard Lounge, Verve Chair, Ridge Lounge Chair(clockwise from top left) Ridge Guest Chair, NYC Standard Lounge, Verve Chair, Ridge Lounge Chair


New Product Collage(clockwise from top right) River Personal Harbor Lounge Seating, Spritz Task Seating and Zook Table, Vitrola Lounge Seating

About CDI
CDI is a cutting-edge commercial furniture dealership that believes thoughtful design and strategic planning are critical components in the success of every project. We can help companies achieve their business vision and goals and help maintain your workplace investment. CDI creates functional and inspiring interiors designed to foster employee well-being, productivity and engagement.

CDI is a “Select” Kimball Office dealer. The “Select” status is Kimball’s premier dealer designation, which demonstrates dealership excellence in sales, service, financial stability, business processes and more.

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Keys to Achieving Healing Healthcare Environments

Creating a satisfying healthcare environment requires holistically combining the needs of the patient, caregivers and loved ones to build the most effective design. Through our years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand that workplace design improves the overall health of employees and we are excited to be taking this next step in the healthcare industry by aiding those whose job it is to heal persons in the hospital by creating natural, healing environments through design.

We believe a customized design experience is crucial in fostering comfortable healing processes, promoting productivity among hospital staff and improving patient and caregiver safety, resulting in overall patient satisfaction.

Design for Patients & Their Loved Ones

A focus on designing facilities that cater to patient and family needs and comfort can aid in reducing stress and generating faster healing times. If the environment is calming and comfortable, anxieties about the visit can be dispelled and overall satisfaction with the experience can increase.

The Patient Room

Creating an environment within the patient room that is both safe for the patient and efficient for staff is imperative considering that patients spend most of their hospital stay within their room.

Kimball Health | Overbed Tables

Being confined to a room during the duration of a hospital stay can cause stress; therefore, providing adequate storage and customized power modules is beneficial in providing a positive experience. These features should be easily accessible by the patient to reduce stress and allow for nursing staff to assist patients with more critical issues in lieu of spending time helping with simpler tasks.

Kimball Health | Sanctuary

Patients’ visitors spend time in their room as well, so providing them with customized solutions, such as power capabilities and storage drawers for personal items, can help them feel comfortable within the room. If visitors enjoy being in the patient’s room worry-free, their focus can remain on helping their loved one recover.

This Kimball Meadow Patient Recliner allows for ease in patient transport while still adhering to patient safety. Movement is free and easy with rotating casters, but the chair can still be locked into position if necessary. Other adjustable features, such as the dual-sided Trendelenburg capability (which raises the patient’s feet above their head), an independent footrest operation and infinite back controls accommodate customized treatment services.

Kimball Health | Meadow

If a patient’s stay in the hospital will be lengthy, family may desire the ability to spend the night in the room with the patient. Accommodations for them to comfortably stay with their loved one encourages participation in the patient’s care and leads to better outcomes for patient recovery.

Kimball Health | Villa Sleep Sofa

The Waiting Room

Considering that family members play an important role in helping their loved ones heal, it is also essential to have destination spaces for them to connect, find respite and rejuvenate to allow for the best possible experience for any visitors, ultimately allowing them to solely focus on their loved ones needs.

Kimball Office | Pairings

Customized furniture in waiting rooms can aid in the physical and emotional needs of a person waiting to speak to a medical professional or awaiting news on their loved one receiving treatment. The versatile Kimball Pairings Lounge Based Collection is designed to be able to work alone or in combination with other pieces, offering endless configurations to achieve comfort.

Kimball Office | Villa

This collection’s ability to be designed for any space allows a person to actively control their level of comfort, hopefully easing nerves about an already uncomfortable and anxiety-filled visit to the hospital or doctor’s office.

Design for Healthcare Providers

While design for healing centers on the needs of the patients and their loved ones, it also focuses on the needs of the caregiving professionals as they are in constant and direct contact with the patients – ultimately responsible for overall satisfaction of the health organization. Productivity, efficiency, health and safety are all contributors of increased success in overall outcomes and patient satisfaction and should be considered when designing the ultimate healing space.

Productivity and Efficiency

With adjustable technology, caregivers can optimize communication. Trust between patient and caregiver during treatment is critical, and increasing the level of engagement between the two can cultivate that necessary sense of trust. Effective communication can enhance overall patient satisfaction with the quality of care they have received.

Additionally, adjustable technology can reduce discomfort and provide important postural benefits for caregivers working lengthy hours, most of which up and on their feet. Minimizing discomfort aids in their ability to work productively during these long hours and reduce the risk of any concentration issues that often lead to errors in patient care.


The principles of ergonomics minimize risk of injury, discomfort and error rates while maximizing productivity. Using design technology that highlights adjustability, flexibility, support and easy use can reduce error rate in treatment, simultaneously improving patient care and outcomes.

Humanscale | Mobile Cart

Ergonomic mobile carts allow for caregivers to spend more time caring for the patients and less time worrying about technology, ultimately allowing them to visit with more patients. Since these carts increase mobility, there is an added health benefit for the healthcare providers. Additionally, they save crucial time and energy by allowing for real-time data entry by caregivers, reducing the risk of error that can result from remembering the information and compiling it later.


Technology that enhances productivity and ergonomic improvement for caregivers can also create a safer environment for patient care. Since there is a direct correlation between nurse fatigue, patient care and safety – maximizing patient safety while minimizing risk of error is essential.

Humanscale | Pony Saddle

The Saddle and Pony Saddle seats are ideal for working closely on the computer and offer a healthy way of sitting if leaning back on a back rest is not an option. Comfortable and versatile, these seats improve posture and allow for long-term comfort.

The V6 technology wall station was engineered & designed by the Humanscale Design Studio specifically for the healthcare environment.

Humanscale | Adjustable Wall Stations

This customized wall station supports a monitor and keyboard – along with hardware, shelves and accessories – that allows for easy positioning. Comfort for the caregiver and effective communication between them and the patient can be effectively maintained through this ergonomic design.

Managing fatigue and providing solutions to minimize fatigue is key for maintaining high-quality patient care and safety within the healthcare system. Designing spaces for caregivers and providers directly responsible for patient care can improve overall work place well-being. Offering designs that highlight productivity, ergonomic improvements and safety can streamline caregivers’ jobs and make positive impacts on the work environment and with patient care.

Final Thoughts

Focusing directly on the needs of patients, their family and those who work in the healthcare industry is critical in overall satisfaction with a healing experience. A customized design directly allows for comfortable accommodations and ergonomic improvements, increased productivity, enhanced safety measures and beneficial patient care and outcomes.

About the Author

Dana Marble has an interior design background & worked in the architectural industry for 10+ years before joining Corporate Design Interiors.  As a healthcare account executive, Dana is able to apply her project experience and help her clients develop patient-centric environments, which promotes successful business and increases overall satisfaction rates.

About CDI

CDI is a cutting-edge commercial furniture dealership that believes thoughtful design and strategic planning are critical components in the success of every project. We can help companies achieve their business vision and goals and help maintain your workplace investment. CDI creates functional and inspiring interiors designed to foster employee well-being, productivity and engagement.

CDI is a “Select” Kimball Office dealer. The “Select” status is Kimball’s premier dealer designation, which demonstrates dealership excellence in sales, service, financial stability, business processes and more.

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Healthcare Waiting Rooms | Connection. Respite. Rejuvenation.

Healthcare waiting rooms are being purposefully designed to offer a variety of destinations. Facilities are enhancing the overall experience by inviting patients & their families to reduce stress & find strength in whichever method suits them best.
Kimball Health offers a wide range of waiting room furniture that can be applied to the three most common destinations for recharging in a healthcare environment.
Spruce Lounge setting _Cropped
Connection. Space which allows multiple family members to sit together & have a comfortable conversation outside of the patient room. Technology supports families to connect remotely in addition to face-to-face conversation.

Respite. When loved ones need time & space to turn their minds off, correctly designed seating destinations provide areas that alleviate stress.

Rejuvenation. Cafe spaces & seating arrangements located throughout an expansive hospital, radiate positive energy and are a great space for families to visit when they need a little boost.

By identifying locations for each of these destinations, healthcare facilities are able to provide their visitors with the best possible experience.

CONNECTION | Kimball – Pairings

Merging simple lounge collections, this versatile series was designed to provide quiet, solitary zones in tandem with more lively gathering spaces.ThoughtStarters_Pairings_LongandLean_5-10Pairings adapts to its surrounding environment, supporting varying degrees of privacy in an era of open space engagement. Family members, and staff alike, can utilize this lounge offering for impromptu conversation space or a place to sit down & quick recharge.  Gallery_Pairings_6-FINAL

For family members needing to connect with loved ones in remote locations, having access to power is crucial. And, with a variety of technology & privacy offerings, Pairings provides the perfect place to sit for any length of time.  The shades offer for acoustical and visual privacy for particularly sensitive conversations.

CDI Learn More Button

RESPITE | Kimball – Spruce & Nash

Spruce is a family of seating extending across lounge, guest, tandem and patient. This highly adaptable, mid-century modern collection offers both aesthetic and functional value. The high back lounge chair, shown in the photo below, gives family members a great place to take solitude and escape from stress, even just for a few moments.

Paired with gorgeous architectural elements and cheerful upholstery, the guest (and bariatric guest) chair offer comfortable seating in spaces designed for spiritual reflection.

Lookbook_Saffron12-15_4 _ cropped

And with beautifully designed arm caps & clean out details, the Spruce collection can be utilized in most any healthcare environment.

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With an endearing form, Nash adds flare and function to an array of interior settings – especially healthcare environments.Gallery_Nash_7 _ Cropped

Put together with the necessary healthcare fabrics & finishes, the Nash lounge chair radiates beauty.  The curved back and combination of contoured & straight legs makes Nash a wonderful alternative to the typical wall-saver chair.

 CDI Learn More Button

REJUVENATION | Kimball – Villa

Villa is a modular lounge collection equipped to support a variety of individual or group activities. It can be arranged in endless configurations or used in freestanding arrangements.  A series of privacy back two-seat lounge pieces create a banquette in a cafe space.Cafe Banquette recolored

Optional full-height SHADE™ privacy divider panels can be positioned in either private or semi private configurations.

The path from patient room to rejuvenation spaces can be quite lengthy. A series of Villa’s single-seat high back lounge chairs, positioned along a main circulation path, provide visitors with a quick touchdown spot in an otherwise busy area.

CDI Learn More Button

Competition within the healthcare market is continuing to grow.  So it is crucial, now more than ever, to design facilities that cater to patients & their family members.  And because no two visitors are alike – facilities are offering a variety of seating solutions to  promote the best possible experience for the greatest number of people. Destinations that provide connection, respite & rejuvenation are yielding the highest overall satisfaction ratings.

For more information, pricing or to schedule a showroom tour, please contact:

dana-7-square-bwDana Marble, Healthcare Account Executive | 262.875.0722

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Patient Room Furniture: Comfort for EVERYONE

Kimball Health focuses on better outcomes for patients, their families, the staff that heals them and the environments surrounding them.  Villa™ Health, Meadow™, and Sanctuary™ were each designed with this as the primary focus.

Kimball Health | Villa Sleep Sofa

Noticeable support. Thoughtful features.  That’s what the Villa Sleep Sofa delivers. In a variety of styles, it invites guests to get comfortable on its 72” sleep surface for a quick nap or overnight stay. And depending on the allotted space or unique room footprint, Villa can be designed to-the-inch.

Villa Sleeper Sofa_E

With a plethora of design options [including drawer configurations, arm cap details & power modules] Villa helps make patient rooms functional for guests, no matter the length of the stay.

The Villa Health Sleep Sofa is the perfect sleepover solution for family and guests.

Kimball Health | Meadow

Meadow is a holistic family of recliners dedicated to providing comfort & function within the healing environment.


Designed to fit all body types and sizes, Meadow helps medical providers to safely transport patients with ease, while addressing spatial efficiency for a variety of applications.

Whether Meadow is being used in treatment bay application or placed in a small NICU room to provide parents with needed rest & comfort, this recliner truly aids in the healing process and can be used as a facility-wide solution.


Day or night, Meadow offers precise movement that feels personal to every individual. From smooth glide capabilities to a reclining sleeping position, the Meadow Glider Recliner can be adjusted to the ideal position for comfort.

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Kimball Health | Sanctuary

The versatile design menu of materials, pull styles and base options provide easy solutions for creating a custom look without the custom price. Kimball’s expert contract furniture legacy heralds in meticulous design and precision engineering, resulting in Sanctuary’s solid, well-crafted patient room casegoods.


And, with so many different combinations of finishes and drawer configurations, this bedside cabinet can satisfy any design aesthetic.

The spill-groove top, along with the different technology offerings, make the Sanctuary the perfect addition to any patient space.

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For more information, pricing or to schedule a showroom tour, please contact:
dana-7-square-bwDana Marble, Healthcare Account Executive | 262.875.0722

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CDI Wins “Best In Show” at Strut 2016

Photo courtesy of Scott Detweiler

For the fourth consecutive year, Corporate Design Interiors (CDI) took home an award at the STRUT Wisconsin event hosted by IIDA WI. This year they exceeded all expectations by winning “Best In Show” for their two-piece garment representing the classic nursery rhyme “Ring Around the Rosie”.  The “Ring O’ Roses” design team, consisted of Jen Kilp, Kelly Hamilton, Aly Cleveland, Taylor Gillogly and industry collaborator, Stephanie Savage from Maharam.


This year’s theme for the annual STRUT fashion show event was “Once Upon A Time” Garments of Fictional Tales & Rhymes.  The event took place at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, which created a perfect backdrop to this year’s darker theme.  Watch as model, Kelly Hamilton, takes to the runway and creates an eerily beautiful display of their garment.

CDI STRUT 2016 from Corporate Design Interiors on Vimeo.

With a unanimous decision on the “Best In Show” award, it was clear to the judges that there was an incredible attention to detail with it being a complex piece requiring hundreds of hours of hand work.  “Finding the time to dedicate to the project while juggling our work/home balance was our biggest challenge” explained Jen Kilp, Director of Design for CDI. “Our concept included so many pieces and the materials were difficult to manipulate so it was a long and slow process.”

Photos courtesy of Scott Detweiler

CDI’s award-winning garment consisted of two separate pieces; the first is the cape which represents the “Posies” in the rhyme and the second is the main dress that represents the “Ashes” portion of the rhyme. The two pieces create a stark contrast between the seemingly cheery children’s rhyme of roses and the dark origin of the rhyme, depicting the macabre nature of the Black Plague.

strut-2016-cdi-cape-detailThe hooded, floor length cape consists of 8 different wool upholsteries from the Kvadrat by Maharam Divina collection, originating in Denmark. We selected a rose-colored palette which ranged from deep burgundies to rich plums to delicate shell pinks. Each flower began as a circle that was then cut into a spiral then rolled and hand stitched to secure the layers. Some of the wools were so dense that a needle nose pliers was required to pull the needle through the rolled flower. These flowers were then sorted by color and then carefully sewn onto the cape to create depth and interesting color transitions. Each flower is unique with a variety of cutting methods as well as sizes ranging from a beginning circle that was 12″ to as small as a 4″ circle. In all, our team made over a 1000 roses of which 750 were applied to the cape. We also used a light green window drapery material, Tabby by Maharam, to create small leaves which we placed sporadically between the flowers to create the illusion of small bouquets. The cape alone weighed 7.5 lbs and with the addition of the flowers, the total weight is 19.9 lbs.


The floor length dress consists of four different fabrics, including a heavy woven wool upholstery, contrasted by light window sheers. It was our goal to manipulate the fabrics to the point that they were unrecognizable from their original state, just as the plague would deconstruct the human body. The raw finishing of each of the materials helped us convey a dark and chaotic message that was a stark contrast from the beautiful flowers that were used to cover up the horrors of the plague.  The main dress is crafted from a window sheer material that we manipulated by stretching, pulling and ripping to create a tattered feel. The collar was made from a very delicate window sheer material that was cut into triangular sections, then sewn together with additional decorative stitches while leaving the edges raw and frayed. The sleeves and bottom of the dress were made from a thick woven upholstery which we deconstructed by removing all of the thick wool yarns to reveal a black understructure material that was then further deconstructed through pulling and ripping. The gray yarns were also repurposed for use in our model’s hair. We also used a raw wall-covering backing material that we dyed and shredded to create the feel of ashes.

“STRUT is a way for teams to come together to showcase the incredible design talent in our industry while stepping a little bit on the outside of our comfort zones.” replied Kilp. “I especially love seeing all of the amazing designs come together on the runway to create a spectacular show that is for a wonderful cause. As designers, we love to create and this is an opportunity to test those boundaries and shine.”

About STRUT:
Design teams from throughout Wisconsin are paired with manufacturer’s representatives from the interior design and architecture field to collaborate in creating unique, product-inspired couture. The annual STRUT event showcases fashion designs on the runway to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of WI.

About CDI:
CDI is a, WBE Certified, full service furniture dealership specializing in consulting, space planning, interior design, project management and installations of all sizes on a local, regional and national level. Their extensive product collections and value added services provide comprehensive furniture solutions that their team approaches with a passion, excitement and creativity. CDI is a “Select” Kimball Office Dealer. The “Select” status is Kimball’s premier dealer designation, which demonstrates dealership excellence in sales, service, financial stability, business processes and more.

Corporate Office & Waukesha Showroom:
1711 Paramount Ct., Waukesha, WI  53186
P  262.521.1010

Milwaukee Showroom:
191 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI  53202
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Celebrating Success x 3

Celebrating Success3

For the CDI team, hard work has helped deliver success. In fact, our hard work and success is something others have noticed, having received several honors in 2016. This year alone, CDI has been recognized by:

  • The Milwaukee Business Journal–Coolest Office
  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA)–Best of Competition, Wisconsin Professional Award
  • The Milwaukee Business Journal–Best Places to Work

The CDI team is thrilled by the aforementioned honors, and thank our strong team, clients and industry peers for the affirmation of the pride we take in our work!


Top Ten Coolest Offices

In April, the Milwaukee Business Journal recognized CDI’s Corporate Headquarters & Showroom as one of the Coolest Offices in southeastern Wisconsin. Mark Kass, Editor-in-Chief for the Business Journal wrote this about our workplace, “There is no doubt that employees at CDI, 1711 Paramount Court, get to have fun, while also working on projects for clients.” CDI was among over 50 nominees for this designation and being selected was an affirmation of our goal to create an inspiring, fun space for our employees.


Best in Competition

Last spring, at this year’s prestigious IIDA WI’s annual event, Celebrate in Design: Professional Awards, CDI’s Corporate Headquarters & Showroom in Waukesha was named Best in Competition in the Corporate (5,000 to 25,000 sf) category. “Focusing on key influences of the evolving workplace, we wanted to design CDI’s new space to address innovative concepts and display a multitude of options in furniture and finishes,” said Jen Kilp, Director of Design for CDI. IIDA’s awards highlight the best of design and recognizes the talent of design professionals in Wisconsin in over 15 different categories. This Best in Competition award is the highest honor within the competition and we were ecstatic that our office received it.

Best Places to Work

This September, the Milwaukee Business Journal listed CDI among 44 area businesses as a Best Place to Work out of 160 total nominations. “Companies are being honored for having the best culture and leadership and where employees feel the most engaged by their jobs and management,” stated the Business Journal.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to love what you do, but knowing that our whole CDI team feels this way takes the enjoyment and satisfaction of our work to a whole new level” explained Heather Nemoir, Partner and General Manager at CDI.

Employee engagement was determined by scores from a survey completed by CDI employees, covering key attributes like teamwork, retention, trust with co-workers, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, job satisfaction and more.

CDI’s score & responses. See the full article here.

Why this is Important to Us

When designing CDI’s workplace, we knew much of our success as a company hinged on our very own, employee-centric approach. When engaging our clients in conversation about the importance of investing in their employees (a company’s greatest asset), creating aesthetically appealing, highly-functional workplaces and how doing so improves employee well-being and morale is a key part of the discussion. Our firsthand experience at our new Corporate Headquarters and Showroom further affirms what both research and client experience demonstrate; increased productivity keeps employees engaged. The CDI team believes this is the best approach to take and we’re very honored to have been recognized for it!

How Does this Apply to You?

Maybe your workplace could be the next Best Place to Work or named one of the top ten Coolest Offices in Wisconsin. CDI can help create that award-winning, employee-satisfying space and we’ll treat your project like it’s our very own!
Visit either our Downtown Milwaukee or Waukesha showroom to experience an award-winning workspace and team firsthand. Within, you’ll find an industry-leading and knowledgeable team, ready and available to answer any questions you may have about our design process. Our team is ready to create a winning office space, whether it be external recognition or internal satisfaction, CDI can deliver.

For more information:

To schedule a tour or consultation, please contact:
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Corporate Office & Waukesha Showroom:
1711 Paramount Ct., Waukesha, WI  53186
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Milwaukee Showroom:
191 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI  53202
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Neocon 2016 – Don’t Forget Across the Street

While the hustle and bustle of the Merchandise Mart during Neocon is quickly approaching us, we wanted to remind everyone about the amazing showrooms just across the street at 325 North Wells Street.  Don’t miss all of the exciting new products and activities during this years show.  Stay tuned for more information from CDI@Neocon!








If you are looking for additional information or pricing on any products or finishes showcased at Neocon 2016, please contact:

Michele-Aubry-LinkedinMichele Aubry, Director of Sales | 262.278.8916


CDI Awarded IIDA WI – Best of Competition

CDI Awarded IIDA WI Best of Competition 2016

Download Press Release: CDI Awarded IIDA WI – Best of Competition

For more information on the Celebrate in Design event, seethe IIDA WI website.

For additional information about this or any other Corporate Design Interiors press release, please contact or 262.521.1010.

IIDA Holiday Party 2016

IIDA Holiday Party 2016

IIDA Holiday Party

Corporate Design Interiors
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Thursday the 14th of January
Two Thousand and Sixteen

Join us for an evening of cocktails and conversation
A Mixology Course and Social Hour
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Register by Christmas 12/25 to save your Christmas wallet $10
Free to IIDA members
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