Keys to Achieving Healing Healthcare Environments

Creating a satisfying healthcare environment requires holistically combining the needs of the patient, caregivers and loved ones to build the most effective design. Through our years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand that workplace design improves the overall health of employees and we are excited to be taking this next step in the healthcare industry by aiding those whose job it is to heal persons in the hospital by creating natural, healing environments through design.

We believe a customized design experience is crucial in fostering comfortable healing processes, promoting productivity among hospital staff and improving patient and caregiver safety, resulting in overall patient satisfaction.

Design for Patients & Their Loved Ones

A focus on designing facilities that cater to patient and family needs and comfort can aid in reducing stress and generating faster healing times. If the environment is calming and comfortable, anxieties about the visit can be dispelled and overall satisfaction with the experience can increase.

The Patient Room

Creating an environment within the patient room that is both safe for the patient and efficient for staff is imperative considering that patients spend most of their hospital stay within their room.

Kimball Health | Overbed Tables

Being confined to a room during the duration of a hospital stay can cause stress; therefore, providing adequate storage and customized power modules is beneficial in providing a positive experience. These features should be easily accessible by the patient to reduce stress and allow for nursing staff to assist patients with more critical issues in lieu of spending time helping with simpler tasks.

Kimball Health | Sanctuary

Patients’ visitors spend time in their room as well, so providing them with customized solutions, such as power capabilities and storage drawers for personal items, can help them feel comfortable within the room. If visitors enjoy being in the patient’s room worry-free, their focus can remain on helping their loved one recover.

This Kimball Meadow Patient Recliner allows for ease in patient transport while still adhering to patient safety. Movement is free and easy with rotating casters, but the chair can still be locked into position if necessary. Other adjustable features, such as the dual-sided Trendelenburg capability (which raises the patient’s feet above their head), an independent footrest operation and infinite back controls accommodate customized treatment services.

Kimball Health | Meadow

If a patient’s stay in the hospital will be lengthy, family may desire the ability to spend the night in the room with the patient. Accommodations for them to comfortably stay with their loved one encourages participation in the patient’s care and leads to better outcomes for patient recovery.

Kimball Health | Villa Sleep Sofa

The Waiting Room

Considering that family members play an important role in helping their loved ones heal, it is also essential to have destination spaces for them to connect, find respite and rejuvenate to allow for the best possible experience for any visitors, ultimately allowing them to solely focus on their loved ones needs.

Kimball Office | Pairings

Customized furniture in waiting rooms can aid in the physical and emotional needs of a person waiting to speak to a medical professional or awaiting news on their loved one receiving treatment. The versatile Kimball Pairings Lounge Based Collection is designed to be able to work alone or in combination with other pieces, offering endless configurations to achieve comfort.

Kimball Office | Villa

This collection’s ability to be designed for any space allows a person to actively control their level of comfort, hopefully easing nerves about an already uncomfortable and anxiety-filled visit to the hospital or doctor’s office.

Design for Healthcare Providers

While design for healing centers on the needs of the patients and their loved ones, it also focuses on the needs of the caregiving professionals as they are in constant and direct contact with the patients – ultimately responsible for overall satisfaction of the health organization. Productivity, efficiency, health and safety are all contributors of increased success in overall outcomes and patient satisfaction and should be considered when designing the ultimate healing space.

Productivity and Efficiency

With adjustable technology, caregivers can optimize communication. Trust between patient and caregiver during treatment is critical, and increasing the level of engagement between the two can cultivate that necessary sense of trust. Effective communication can enhance overall patient satisfaction with the quality of care they have received.

Additionally, adjustable technology can reduce discomfort and provide important postural benefits for caregivers working lengthy hours, most of which up and on their feet. Minimizing discomfort aids in their ability to work productively during these long hours and reduce the risk of any concentration issues that often lead to errors in patient care.


The principles of ergonomics minimize risk of injury, discomfort and error rates while maximizing productivity. Using design technology that highlights adjustability, flexibility, support and easy use can reduce error rate in treatment, simultaneously improving patient care and outcomes.

Humanscale | Mobile Cart

Ergonomic mobile carts allow for caregivers to spend more time caring for the patients and less time worrying about technology, ultimately allowing them to visit with more patients. Since these carts increase mobility, there is an added health benefit for the healthcare providers. Additionally, they save crucial time and energy by allowing for real-time data entry by caregivers, reducing the risk of error that can result from remembering the information and compiling it later.


Technology that enhances productivity and ergonomic improvement for caregivers can also create a safer environment for patient care. Since there is a direct correlation between nurse fatigue, patient care and safety – maximizing patient safety while minimizing risk of error is essential.

Humanscale | Pony Saddle

The Saddle and Pony Saddle seats are ideal for working closely on the computer and offer a healthy way of sitting if leaning back on a back rest is not an option. Comfortable and versatile, these seats improve posture and allow for long-term comfort.

The V6 technology wall station was engineered & designed by the Humanscale Design Studio specifically for the healthcare environment.

Humanscale | Adjustable Wall Stations

This customized wall station supports a monitor and keyboard – along with hardware, shelves and accessories – that allows for easy positioning. Comfort for the caregiver and effective communication between them and the patient can be effectively maintained through this ergonomic design.

Managing fatigue and providing solutions to minimize fatigue is key for maintaining high-quality patient care and safety within the healthcare system. Designing spaces for caregivers and providers directly responsible for patient care can improve overall work place well-being. Offering designs that highlight productivity, ergonomic improvements and safety can streamline caregivers’ jobs and make positive impacts on the work environment and with patient care.

Final Thoughts

Focusing directly on the needs of patients, their family and those who work in the healthcare industry is critical in overall satisfaction with a healing experience. A customized design directly allows for comfortable accommodations and ergonomic improvements, increased productivity, enhanced safety measures and beneficial patient care and outcomes.

About the Author

Dana Marble has an interior design background & worked in the architectural industry for 10+ years before joining Corporate Design Interiors.  As a healthcare account executive, Dana is able to apply her project experience and help her clients develop patient-centric environments, which promotes successful business and increases overall satisfaction rates.

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Spring Fling 2015 – An A&D Appreciation Night

A&D Appreciation Night

At the end of May, Corporate Design Interiors hosted the inaugural A&D Appreciation Night sponsored by Allermuir, Carnegie Fabrics, Humanscale, Interface, Koroseal and Kimball Office. It was a night to thank all of the talented architects and designers in the area for working with us on so many amazing projects.
Held at CDI’s downtown showroom in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee, many architects and designers came out for an after work cocktail. It was a great opportunity to relax and have a little fun during a short and busy week.

CDI Event SF_035

CDI Event SF_049
Leave it to a room full of designers to color coordinate their shots and perfectly place their props in the photo booth, sponsored by Koroseal. No one was shy when it came to putting on flamingo sunglasses or neon colored hair extensions as photographer, Joyce Paisley, captured some very creative settings. To see more photos from the event or parooz for ideas for this year’s holiday card, click here.

CDI Event SF PhotoBooth

The event was catered by Kasana, a neighboring restaurant in the Third Ward. Guests were treated to the owners signature homemade sangria and strawberry blush as well as appetizers that are all made with local organic ingredients.

CDI Event SF Kasana_2
The night didn’t just come with delicious food and a fun photo booth. Guests could also enter their name into a drawing for a stunning Allermiur Open Chair fully upholstered in a beautiful Carnegie Fabric or a custom designed Humanscale Freedom Chair . The two winners were beyond excited when their names were drawn.

CDI Event SF_070-X2
It was a pleasure to co-host this fun event with an amazing group of manufacturer reps who, like CDI, wanted to show our gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful work our local A&D teams do and the business they so graciously do with our companies. We look forward to seeing all of you and more next spring.

Spring Fling 2015 Sponsors

All I Want for Christmas Series – Part 2 of 3

With Christmas Eve exactly one week away, my countdown to Christmas has officially begun!  It’s just too bad there isn’t any snow outside to make it feel like Christmas.  Oh well.  Last week I shared the first item on my wish list, a Mio collaborative table from National Office Furniture.  Next up on my list is a new task chair and a sit to stand desk.  Technically, that is two items on my wish list, but a girl can dream, right?!

CDI---All-I-Want-for-Christmas (2)

How many hours a day do you sit at your desk on an average work week?  The average person sits at their desk the majority of the day.  At eight hours a day, fifty two weeks a year, that’s over two thousand hours spent sitting at a desk each year.  That is a TON of time!  It only seems appropriate to ask for a new task chair and a sit to stand desk for Christmas.  Humanscale, an ergonomics company based out of New York, offers numerous options.

diff smart

The Diffrient Smart chair is both sophisticated and trendy.  The chair’s functions are simple, but in no way are they lacking technology.  In fact, one of my favorite things about the Diffrient Smart chair is that the only controls you have to manually adjust are the armrests and the seat height.  The rest of the features self-adjust with each user.

humanscale float

The Float table is Humanscale‘s answer to today’s ever-growing trend of height adjustable workstations.  The table features a unique counterbalance mechanism that allows for one-hand height adjustment.  Instead of having a crank that you have to manually turn or even an electric base that you have to plug in, the Float table adjusts quickly and easily.

Inspiration Board – Colt Coloring

CDI Inspiration Board - Colt Coloring

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Inspiration Board – Cultured Tones

CDI Inspiration Board - Cultured Tones

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Inspiration Board – Growth of Color

CDI Inspiration Board - Growth of Color

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